Trump is trying the old "Go Big or Go Home" strategy with his administration.  
Sucker punched everyone with no honeymoon period for the press, fed agencies, 
and our allies.  And while we are getting buyer's remorse and suddenly waking 
up the morning after the questionable pick up at 2AM for cheap sex, we are 
finding out how truly vulnerable our democracy was and is.  When got complacent 
and Saruman the Orange in the bargain.

The wall will not get built.  Trump is going to fail.  The wall is symbolic and 
absolutely impractical.  Trump will learn rather quickly that there will be no 
people to pick our crops and the food we import, like avacados, will become 
luxury items.  

NATO will go it alone and do better,

England will beg to go back to the European Union.

The American court system will be filled with civil rights and constitutional 

Trump will find a warm some where, as per usual with low approval presidents, 
and have to institute a draft to find willing soldiers.

Marshall law will be routinely declared.

If he hasn't fucked too much with voter roles, he will be facing a Democratic 
Senate 2018 and possibly a blue congress as well.

Good times!

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