In jyotish, the cosmic man or the Kalapurusha is drawn across the skies or the 
universe to show the head and limbs of this cosmic person, which represents all 
of us or the individual person.  For each of our jyotish chart, the planets 
sometimes do not align at the most auspicious part of the sky.  For example, 
our 10th house lord of career may be placed in the 12th house, an inauspicious 
indicator for work matters.  But the jyotishi, or the individual can make 
changes to the person's situation to align with the planetary indicators.  If 
the person's chart is not showing an inauspicious position for one or two 
planets, he or she can make adjustments by changing one's residence by city or 
by country to change the karma indicated by the planet.  Thus, if the 10th 
house lord is placed in the 12th house, signifying foreign residence, it is 
better for the person to live out of town or in a foreign country to find a 
better job.

 Similarly, if one's health is deteriorating in his or her current residence, 
it may be better to change residence by city, state or country to improve 
health matters.  For example, if the cold weather is affecting one's health, it 
may be better to live in a warmer weather to suit one's body preference.

 In a similar way, if one is having difficulty in finding a life partner, one 
can move to another place where he or she can find a person with similar 
preferences in life style, culture and background.

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