Some casualty along the way to what is a cultural communal expectation for 
perfect health, ideal life, vastu perfection, and enlightenment... the 
expectations affect people differently. For some at the end of a life there has 
been lament, dismay and some depression that they failed in their progress by 
comparison with number one experiences. ..That they didn’t meditate enough, 
failed themselves, failed Maharishi, failed to get enlightened.  
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 advice from the internet: ..As for how one rates one's state of consciousness, 
my advice is to stay the f**k away from any such thinking. It becomes clear in 
time where you are, informed by consciousness itself; established in silence, 
seeing the world as yourself, or whatever.

 Some awakened olderTM’er reflecting..

 ‘Number One experiences’, has become an unfortunate emphasis on a person 
having experiences rather than waking up. Combine that with no verification 
system and it has the making of getting people distracted while sitting in a 
place dedicated to supreme knowledge. They recognize the issue but have not 
found a solution yet.

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 There is some thought being given recently to publishing some of the ‘number 
one’ experiences such that people outside the Domes could have some insight as 
to what is going on inside. Maybe even inspire meditators to come to the 
collective meditation and meditate again. 
 This ‘experience checking’ on the assembly started back some years ago to 
follow how it was going for people on the assembly and then somewhat in 
response to a criticism that was common and said about TM, “..where are you 
enlightened?”.  Those of us who live and meditate here in Fairfield know people 
who are doing quite well spiritually. Rick Archer started his interviews on 
Batgap on this premise too and effectively scooped the TM movement entirely on 
 Yifuxero writes:
 I'm skeptical as to the benefits of public displays of "experiences".  I've 
seen/heard that before and it generally backfires in some way.  They'll find 
 The testimonies on BatGap fall into different categories and generalizations 
would be improper at this time.

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 Briefly, according to state of experience, three categories used to discern 
level of ‘number one’ spiritual state are:  

 “Madhuchhandas”  ..Maduchandas is recorded as having seen the entire extent of 
the Veda.

 “Dirghatamas” ..That means long drawn silence.
 MMY commentary..
 Just this word: potential dynamism. That means it is dynamic in its unmanifest 
state, and it is completely silent in its manifest state. So there is silence; 
there is dynamism. This is the field. We can see it as the basis of creation, 
the silent basis of creation.

 And then third,
 Inner silence quiet 


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 For some the assembly format of sharing the number one meditational or 
spiritual experience also can serve a means of being seen in an otherwise 
mostly anonymous group (Top-down patriarchal). And of course of human nature 
this can roll over into being of a type of heady specialness for the ego of the 
individual or group.  
 A friend recounts her sharing her experience at the microphone and it was 
declared a number one over the mic and in her coming away from the mic through 
the Dome was greeted with congratulations, people holding her hand, some kissed 
her hand. She is seen now and there is some confidence there that might not 
have been there before. 

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 The discernment of  Number One Experiences generally gets programmed into 
three levels of experience as they are told and then commented on. 

 Yeah, and that dang Joseph at Cupertino always was an attention getter trying 
to be special, a real pain in the ass in the monastery community.  Levitation 
practice here is not in itself necessarily programmed as a number one spiritual 

 yifuxero writes:


 Any accounts of levitation?

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 Something quite fair to admire about the meditation Assembly is that like most 
other projects that Maharishi undertook he used the facility of the project to 
have scientists conduct science research in to the effects of meditation.  From 
the beginning of the IAA that too has been going on all along with research on 
individuals and research on the collective of the Assembly.  

 Quite a lot of advancement has been made in replication of previous study. 
That has been a large part of what it was about and then going further.  

 Certainly people have experience with the meditation to study. The Domes it 
seems are fabulous activated places to meditate. In fact they have been a 
treasure trove to conduct science research in.  Putting the organization and 
some of its personality and antics aside the research is currently still the 
case ongoing. 

Some of the research has been to study people who describe experiencing higher 
states of consciousness/presence.  From the standpoint of applying science 
research the ‘number one’ category of description becomes relevant to finding 
the subject. There quite evidently is a reality to it.  -JaiGuruYou 


---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 For some years a daily feature of the Invincible America Assembly meditation 
(IAA) in the Domes is to break mid-morning for a few minutes and have people 
share what came to be dubbed their ‘number one’ experience from their 
meditation practice or as result of the practice. These are self described 
experiences.  People can come up to the microphone to relate their experience 
if they wish to and some acknowledgement and commentary is given by ™-Sidhis 

 The course of personal experiences that people choose to share can range. 
Through time there has developed a jargon relevant to the participants that is 
come out of the process.  

 Participants on the assembly can like the sharing and comments a lot and be 
enthusiastic about it as a feature of the assembly. It serves as a type of 
discernment or clarifying about people’s experiences in these long meditations 
of the IAA. It works as a type of checking process for folks on the program.   

 As context, take a look around the IAA web page.  The “Assembly” has been an 
ongoing meditation program for over a decade now. Some people are pretty shiny 
for being attenders in the Domes and their experiences evidently can reflect 


 yifuxero writes:


 A numbering system is problematic given the large numbers of Traditions, each 
with its own set of priorities. An easy solution to the philosophical problem 
of "Awakening" vs relative experiences:  simply erase the vs and insert "and".  
Problem solved.

 In early Jewish mysticism (100 BCE - 1000 CE), the highest priority among many 
pioneers was a "Throne of God" experience: a vision of the Throne of God 
(YHVH), or an astral projection ascent to that "realm" of existence.  This goal 
seems to leave out the "Awakening" part, involving ultimate Gnosis of the Ein 
Sof (Jewish term for the Ground of Being), but this as a concept seems to have 
been tacked on to the later body of  Jewish mystics.  Thus (my conclusion), 
most of the mystics in this tradition failed to integrate Awakening with "an 
experience" (i.e. ascent to the Throne of YHVH).

 The Christian Throne of God experience simply adds Jesus to one's vision of 
YHVH (although there are no accounts of seeing the "Face" of YHVH).

 In the Sant Mat Tradition, dualistic out of body travel is the method of 
ascent uttimately to a form of Samadhi by hooking a ride onto the celestial 
Sound Current(s).  Accounts of such experiences appear to match MMY's "GC".
 To conclude, prioritizing experiences can't - at the present stage of human 
evolution - come to a definitive set of agreements, but some progress can be 
made by selecting individual Traditions having their own goals. Then you 
decide. Throne of God pics.......











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