Title: Re: [FairfieldLife] Forget about trying to get FFL downclassed from Adult
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I have placed feelers on many listservers which deal with people in my profession.  It's only a matter of time before I find someone who will do a fellow in his own profession a favor and delete FFL.  In the meantime, I'm doing everything else I can to have the group deleted.  You'll have no appeal, I promise you that.  No one has ever been able to bring a group back once deleted.

Give up the campaign to have FFL downclassed and instead act like a moderator.  You are responsible for the rancor which is vented everyday on FFL because you're the owner and moderator.  Step in and stop it.  If you find yourself incapable of doing that, you'll find yourself without a group.  I am /NOT/ pulling punches.  The nastiness will stop or the group will disappear.  If the rancor stops for a while, the group gets a reprieve.  If it starts up again and you don't immediately stop it, it's a goner.

What childish nerve do I have to make such demands?  I don't need to explain.  I just need the right person to push the right button.


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My response to Tom:

I buy thousands of dollars worth of advertising from my Yahoo for my clients, so I guess I’ve got some leverage too. I’m sure there are thousands of Yahoo groups which are far more rancorous, lewd, and what have you than FFL, so I doubt they would delete it on those grounds. Besides, as I said, I have all the email addresses backed up, so if the group were to disappear, I’d just set up another one and invite everyone. We’d lose the archives, but I’ll back up the files, etc. too, so those would be restored. Plus lots of the messages are archived at http://www.mail-archive.com/fairfieldlife@yahoogroups.com/. So you wouldn’t accomplish much, aside from wasting a few hours of my time and pissing a lot of people off. Haven’t you got anything better to do? If you don’t like FFL, don’t participate in it. If you stop posting, you will cease to be a topic of discussion.

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