(another system that is probably integrated holistically with the Polyvagal 
nervous system and other systems affecting awareness and the chakras)..
 The important extraneous cannabinoid would be CBD (Cannabidiol), found in 
Cannabis along with the THC.  The CBD has numerous medicinal benefits and 
doesn't make people high (as opposed to the THC).  The many benefits of CBD are 
too numerous to mention.  A long list of applications may be found in Pub Med.  
Enter "Pub Med" into google and then Cannabidiol into the field.
 For those wishing to obtain some CBD legally, check out 
http://www.hemplandusa.com http://www.hemplandusa.com  Very expensive however, 
but for those with severe medical problems not treatable via the usual 
mainstream methods, I assume such candidates would spare no expense. The use of 
CBD was covered in Dr. Sayjay Guptas episodes on "Weed:".

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