More from the FF Satsanga, 
 “..The obsession with #1 ‘spiritual’ experiences is opening people up to this. 
Consciousness meditation aside, people are looking for 'experiences’.”

 “..Someone in the Dome was sharing, giving experience about this guy as a  #1 
experience.  From the spiritual sexual tantra kind of encounter with him, this 
scandalous man, this ne'er-do-well, .. takes people around and puts them into 
other people’s bodies.  Bad.  This guy facilitates that, he is like a black 

“On the Humboldt courses, one of Maharishi’s Brahmacharyam came trotting 
directly out into the lecture hall confronting someone..,   “Don’t you ever do 
that!” for crossing over into other people’s minds and thoughts.”

---In, <> wrote :

 As a melting pot or crucible, Fairfield,Iowa has long been a crossroad stop on 
the spiritual circuit that draws seekers, and want-to-be ‘teachers’, lecturers, 
and gurus. 

 In Conversation more recently of the Fairfield Coffee Haus Satsanga: 

 “..He says, “I know what I am doing, I am the Guru, I am a master”, very bold, 
  “I am the one, I will help you,  I will do this for you, I do this out of 
love and to inform you.  Let me do this for you.”

 Apparently he spends so much time in this astral realm that he has real 
difficulty in living. 

 He has got these people that he engages in with this spiritual sex, it is 
extremely highly charged and errotically charged with these so called unity 
experiences and then he creates this kind of dependency that is predation. He 
is doing it to men and women, there is a part of it that is monstrous.  You can 
see why they felt their only recourse was to shut down.   

 ..When you hear language like that it is time to turn around and look.


---In, <> wrote :

 The Spiritual Ego, Unprepared for if and when it occurs, 
 it is very seductive someone saying,  “I am a powerful one”, “I can do it for 
you”, and “I am a guru”.


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 Yep, interesting observation about the cultural gap.  A cultural difference 
for Indian Gurus and such coming to the West might be that behavior is not just 
‘karma’ but also judged by or held up to The Golden Rule and the first 
amendment (bill of rights) of the US Constitution, cultural sensibilities about 
ethics and morality that are not tempered in the same way as elsewhere. 


 emichael108 adds:


 maharishi said once:

you can do what you want,
but you have to bear all the 
consequences of your doing.


 Eustace writes:


 (of Bikram..) There is not question about the guy's narcissism, I think, 
however, that there is the issue of the culture gap here. He wouldn't have 
imagined that the jury would try to bankrupt him for issues that were not even 
criminal. But this is the United States...

 I always thought that Maharishi was wise to establish his base in Europe. You 
never know what they might have found even on him.

My 2 cents.

..words do inflict psychic, emotional and sometimes lead to other kinds of 

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 It is okay that folks understand what happened, that process prevailed and 
people are in better place now to make better use of their talents. 
 Hopefully the US Constitution can withstand the gaslighting narcissisms of its 
President now.

 Topically, NPR had this item on its web page the other day..

 Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).
 People with this condition often show some of the following characteristics, 
according to Psychology Today
 Grandiosity, a lack of empathy for other people and a need for admiration
 They believe they are superior or may deserve special treatment
 They seek excessive admiration and attention, and struggle with criticism or 


srijau writes: 

 You are really self-indulging here in a lot of misguided judgemental-ism and 
triumphalism. Show a little more grace and discretion and care for the unity of 
the community. You are the one being ugly and crass here.

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 Several years ago we had some narcissistic disordered ‘spiritual’ people visit 
FFL, we also had some people who had been in some of the infamous spiritual 
groups with NPD’ed leaders share perspective on their experience, and more 
recently watched Rick Archer let one NPD'ed hang out to dry in his Batgap 

 In the last couple of years I was glad for the insight which people here on 
FFL gave throughout in their critique and takedown of the ‘spiritual’ 
ND’edPersonality. Some of that insight was helpful in the process that brought 
the change of leadership to the University here. 

 In some of the discussion here on FFL it was pointed out that narcissists will 
fall down when their practical performance in life is actually looked at. 
..That organizations or groups can protect themselves from the ND’edPerson by 
having clarity in missions, job descriptions and performance evaluation. ..the 
bigger the narcissist the harder the fall that can come.  

 Performance is basically what turned the president here out in that case. What 
were more formative values to the group guided and prevailed in the process by 
looking at all the metrics of performance. It became pretty clear that a change 
of leadership was needed for the essential survival of the group.       

---In, <> wrote :

 Jeezus X-mas, so much unbridled narcissism.

 The (Bikram) cat should have a bell hung on it when it goes out into the 
 This evidently is the age of narcissism,

 ..words do inflict psychic, emotional and sometimes lead to other kinds of 

 Entitlement and Hate Speech reined in, under the law explained..


 GREAT article for insight.. 

 eustace10679 writes:

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