Can anyone help me out with trying to understand what is going on in the 
domes(that would effect my status, which is something I consider about my self 
which is why I call my self  Raja) and what non compete agreements are that 
cause people not to go to the domes , now just to clarify . I agree with John 
Hagelin about fanatical believers , although don't know if i would call them 
fanatical, but quoting Maharishi to assert a meaning which not there, is 
common, Maharishi always gave a discourse, to express a holistic meaning and 
understanding, An enlighten mans understanding. To help the Dome numbers as a 
Raja, (wonder how i got to be a Raja?) I will say this , maybe John Hagelin 
will be more capable of getting better numbers in the Domes after he gets out 
of jail for treason, maybe the other Rajas can go to jail with him for treason 
if that is what they want , if they don't get the numbers up thats what will 

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