When he measured four subjects who practiced only Transcendental Meditation, 
they didn't have the same high level of brain wave coherence.
 "Those who practice the TM-Sidhi program have cultivated the habit of sitting 
in silence and allowing the mental activity to easily pass through awareness," 
Dr. Travis said.

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 thats not even close to a study of mindfulness, it is not mindfullness

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 In line with this science thread that combines mindfulness (listening to 
recitations) with transcending meditation, sitting in silence navigating the 
transcendent... though this is not according to strict doctrine about TM, but 
clearly meditation is something you get good at.
 Seeing this science can make one kind of sorry for the quitters, the gone-away 
from meditation meditators.  
In life in the body, the human nervous system is an amazing grace in nature. 

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 Combining Transcendence and Mindfulness meditation, now there is a combination

 Study Shows Brain Coherence When Listening to Vedic Pandits

 EEG measurements showed higher alpha1 coherence, which is associated with the 
experience of pure consciousness. And they showed higher theta2 coherence, 
which is associated with attending to internal mental processes. The latter 
finding explains the participants' experience that the Vedic recitations felt 
as though they weren't external sounds but rather internal vibrations.
 Those who only practiced Transcendental Meditation had higher gamma coherence, 
with gamma being associated with focusing on an external object. Hence, their 
experience of the recitation as an outer experience.


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 Number One Fabulous. Thanks. Can discern it now. This is like getting a free 
really advanced technique... hologramatic activation of the human being.  

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 I thought it sensible and desirable to be able to listen to this work as an 
audio file on a media device with the eyes closed. I therefore created an mp3 
file, filtered out the awful background noise (buzzing/humming), then passed 
the file through an echo reduction plug-in.
 Note: If desired, to download audio file (.mp3) to computer, right-click on 
the hyperlink below and from the 'pop-up menu' choose 'Save Link As' (Firefox) 
or 'Save target as' (Internet Explorer) or whatever wording is applicable.

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