Ayurveda came from a country in the tropics. I once asked an Indian vaidya at a group meeting of his clients if he found people in the west like Europe and the US different to treat. His eyes lit up as he said "yes" and the next sound was of jaws dropping from his clients. Cold drinks are also not recommended but medical research shows they have no actual effect on digestion. An Indian friend once mused that Americans were so pitta that ice water had no effect. I also had fun asking for "garma pani" at Indian restaurants. That's Hindi for "hot water".

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Om no, Alex. You may be throwing your Dome meditation


I too have read that tomatoes are considered part of the night shade family of plants and are inflammatory by nature. As such, tomatoes are not recommended for people with arthritis or those with pitta personalities or body constitution.

status on the hard rocks of the Dome badge guidelines with this. Publicly bringing Misra in here, a competing system to the Rajas’. Our movement ‘administrative state’ works this place to sieve out members who would promote other systems.

“We have some questions we should like to ask you..”

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Tomatoes are, of course, a nightshade, and some vaidyas strongly advise against eating them. Vaidya Mishra has a following in Fairfield, and here's his take on nightshades:


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Pink Peony


Excellent article,
but we top it with vedic knowledge,
and create vedic organic tomatoes,
which will nourish also the finer levels
& support our development into enlightenment ...


Pink Peony

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