First of all, in regard to the composition of the soul itself, there is a 
speciality which must be understood. The composition of earthly consciousness 
always consists of the physical, vital and mental energy. The consciousness 
upon which the ego concentrates and revolves around, that formation over which 
the ego sense is concentrated consists always of the physical, vital and mental 
energies. So there is a formation of physical, vital and mental energy over 
which a sense ‘I am’ is constantly vibrating. And this ‘I am’ is a sense also 
consisting of mental energy. So you might say mental energy vibrating over 
mental energy with a specific colour of it which says I am, I am, I am. This is 
constantly held by memory. 
As opposed to this formation the soul does not get composed of the physical, 
vital and mental energies. This is the first distinction. It is different from 
physical, vital and mental energies. If you use the Sanskrit word for physical, 
vital and mental energies it is Prakriti, because that is what ultimately 
Prakriti means. It means energy of movement and energy as manifested today is 
the energy of physical, mental, and vital, threefold energy �”� the physical in 
which tamas is predominant, vital in which rajas is predominant and mental in 
which sattva is predominant, it is called Trigunatmak Prakriti.The first 
distinction of the soul is that it is not composed of this threefold energy. 
Secondly, the soul here is a delegate of the jivatman. Being a delegate of the 
jivatman, it has the qualities of the jivatman. If it does not consist of 
physical, vital and mental energies what is it composed of? Being the delegate 
of the jivatman, it has the composition of the jivatman.The composition of 
jivatman is a centration, a specificity of the Supreme Lord Himself. Mamaeva 
amsha – is the description given in the Gita. The jivatman is Mamaeva amsha. It 
is my portion, my centration, not part because the Lord cannot be divisible. 
This jivatman is the madhvadaha of the Kathopnishad, the eater of honey. This 
jivatman is the centration of the Supreme Lord Himself which vibrates with, 
which is composed of, the energies of Satchitananda Himself. Its vibrations, 
its energies are energies of Satchitananda, which are all manifesting through 
Truth. So you might say Truth Energy. It is composed of not physical, vital and 
mental energies, but Truth Energies. Truth Energy consists of Satchitananda. It 
is itself the centration of Satchitananda. This soul is a delegate of this 
jivatman so it has all the elements of the jivatman. This is the composition.In 
other words this is a composition of the Supreme Lord and Para Prakriti as per 
the Gita. Ego is the formation of Prakriti. It is also called Apara Prakriti, 
lower Prakriti distinguished from Para Prakriti. The composition of the ego is 
that of Apara Prakriti. Composition of the soul which is the delegate of the 
jivatman is that of Para Prakriti which is Truth Energy and which is centration 
of the Divine Himself, it is energy and centration. This centration is 
specific, sustained by the Divine permanently, eternally.This specificity is 
distinguishable from all other specificities, my soul, your soul, her soul; 
each one is distinguished from the other. Each one is a centration of the 
Divine. For each one is distinct from the other. In that distinctness each one 
is independent of the other. But it is entirely inseparable from the Supreme 
Lord because it is a centration of the Lord. In other words, each soul or each 
jivatman knows itself to be independent of all the rest only in regard to its 
distinctness from the others. But not in the sense that it is independent as 
separate from all the others; distinct from others yes, but not separate from 
all the others. This is a subtle distinction which is to be made. Being 
inseparable from the Supreme Lord it knows it is entirely dependent upon the 
Supreme Lord and it does not fall into a mistake of thinking that it is 
independent of all the rest. Therefore the individuality consists of its 
distinctness from the others, inseparability from the Supreme and from the Para 
Prakriti and that it is eternal and inextinguishable because the Supreme is 
inextinguishable. Its formation of body, life and mind are constantly mutable, 
therefore they are extinguishable but the soul which is a delegate of the 
jivatman and the jivatman being the eternal centration of the Divine, is 
inextinguishable. Therefore, while the ego and egoistic formation is mutable 
and extinguishable, the soul is inextinguishable. Jivatman himself with all his 
consciousness, if it descends completely into the human body as it is with all 
its fullness of knowledge, then the kind of play that is to be played cannot be 
played because it will all the time be conscious and the gradual evolution 
which is to take place will not take place.

    On Tuesday, 4 April 2017 12:51 AM, R.Rudranarasimham 
<> wrote:


On www.ultraupdates.comMan is Created Being. Man may be divided into several 
parts, but those parts establish One, Singular Unity. While the Creation is 
divided into Material and Spiritual, Inanimate and Animate, Insensible and 
Sensible, Living and Nonliving its Origin or the Prime Cause remains the same.
I seek the existence of Soul or Spirit in a Substance that is basic to Life 
activities, and in a Material or Matter that is responsible for all Living 
The term Soul or Spirit belong to Earthly or Terrestrial, or Materialistic 
Realm or Domain where the Physical, Subjective, and Objective Reality of Man's 
Existence is established. I do not intend to use the term Soul or Spirit as 
Metaphysical or Transcendent Reality.
I define Spirituality Science as investigation of Spiritual Nature of Corporeal 
or Material Substance called Living Matter or Protoplasm/Cytoplasm. I am not 
seeking to discover Soul or Spirit that may exist independent of Man's Physical 
or Created Being. This Inquiry pertains to the relationship between Soul or 
Spirit and Human Body whose Structure and Functions are accounted by Science 
such as Human Anatomy and Human Physiology.
On my-definitions.comThe Structure and Behavior of Living Things contribute to 
their Individual Being and Function. Living Things have Complex Structures and 
Functional Organization. Living Functions cannot be discovered if there is 
breakdown or damage of these Complex Molecules. We cannot discover the taste of 
Water if Water Molecule is separated into its Chemical Elements. We cannot 
discover the taste of Salt if Salt Molecule is separated into its Chemical 
Elements. Living Functions called Metabolism involves making, breaking, and 
repairing of Molecules of Life.

Rudranarasimham RebbapragadaAnn Arbor, MI 48104 - 4162 USABHAVANAJAGAT.ORG



From: shirish dave <>

 Sent: Monday, April 3, 2017 9:55 AM
 Subject: Re: [TheBecoming] Re: Spirit & Reincarnation
"The body which is here is burnt and is turned to ashes or is buried and there 
it gets disintegrated. But besides this physical body, there is the internal 
body that does not get immediately disintegrated."
What is that internal body?Of what elements the internal body is made of? By 
which force the said so called internal body remained associated with the 
physical body?Why has it left the physical body?What are the organs of that 
internal body?How does that internal body function?What are the properties of 
that internal body?
No body can answer these and many more other questions and prove the existence 
of internal body logically. The rebirth is a simply wishful thinking.
We are all made of a single fundamental entity you may name it Prana, Anna, 
Super String, Super particle. This fundamental entity is alive. It is not 
possible to produce living organism from non-living organisms in whatsoever 
number they are arranged.
We are made of cells. Cells are made of molecules, molecules are made of atoms. 
Atoms are made of other subatomic particles, they are made of quarks, and at 
the end all are made of the combinations of superstrings. This superstring is 
the prime living organism, which has single property to attract other similar. 
No different entitity having different property can intereact.
Under physical laws, superstrings formed subatomic particles and then atoms, 
molecules and complicated molecules like amoebas and bacteria under favorable 
conditions. Then they under went evolution under fittest to survive.
Superstring is a Soul.
Soul + Soul = Soul.
The Cosmic Soul is the universe.

     From: devindersingh gulati <>

First question is who is reborn?The second question is what is the necessity of 
rebirth?The third is what is the process of rebirth?The answer to the first 
question who is reborn is, there is a normal, common, popular notion that the 
man whom we saw dying is really reborn. This is a very common, normal idea. A 
man or woman who has died is reborn. And we begin to expect in the rebirth the 
same tendencies which that man or woman who had died possessed. If that man was 
heroic we expect that in next rebirth the same heroic man will continue to be 
heroic. If that man was greedy then in the next birth the same personality will 
continue to be greedy. If that personality had certain attachments with X or Y 
or Z then we expect that in the next birth the same will continue. Such are 
vague unclear, common notions. These notions are based on facts that we do not 
make distinctions. Between four elements which are in our personality there is 
the physical element, the physical body in which we are living; there is the 
vital element which consists of desires, impulses, attractions, repulsions, 
longings; there is a mental which consists of ideas, conceptions, dreams of 
various kinds, visions of various kinds and finally there is a soul in us. We 
do not even know the interconnection of all this.As a result of this, our 
notion of the personality that dies and the personality that is born is also a 
very vague and very unclear notion. Surely the same physical body is not 
reborn. That body which is here is burnt and is turned to ashes or is buried 
and there it gets disintegrated. But besides this physical body, there is the 
internal body that does not get immediately disintegrated. This is called the 
subtle physical body. The word subtle physical is a larger term which includes 
subtle physical, vital and mental also. But in the subtle body there is a 
subtle physical body also. This subtle physical body survives for quite some 
time and if the vital and mental are not very much developed in us, if the soul 
in us is not very much developed in us, then there would be an immediate 
physical rebirth in another body. It would be almost a continuation of the kind 
of personality that there was before because nothing was developed. This 
answers to the common idea of the same personality being reborn. But this 
happens only in the case of very rudimentary human beings, very, very 
elementary, very barbaric human beings whose life is centered only on the 
physical and other parts of the being are not developed. Now, for those who 
have got vital being quite developed, mind also to some extent developed, and 
the soul also slightly developed; in that case after the disintegration of the 
physical body, also the subtle physical, the vital continues for some time. It 
was developed already; it does not disappear. But on the physical earth, 
basically only physical beings can live that is the specialty of this physical 
world.If anyone wants to come on the earth and live on the earth, he has got to 
have a physical body. If he does not have a physical body then one cannot live 
long on the physical plane. So, there must be another plane where this vital 
being developed in this body, which has still not disintegrated, which is still 
continuing, passes through a certain plane and that must be a plane 
corresponding to its own nature. If it is a vital being it goes to the life 
plane, the vital plane, a vital world, a world which consists of vital beings. 
This is a part of the occult knowledge. That apart from the physical world 
there is a vital 
 once you go to the life plane then you get a freer domain of expressing your 
vital being. This also is a very important idea.What does it mean to get a 
freer field to express the vital being? You notice that in this world of the 
physical, we are constantly hampered by physical disabilities. There are many 
things that we would like to do but either we are sick or we get fatigued very 
easily, or else there is a need for sleep. Very often when our vital being is 
very powerful we feel we should have 48 hours in a day to be able to do 
everything that we want to do. There are so many things to be done but it is 
the physical existence which hampers our full manifestation of all our vital 
activities. In the vital plane this disability would not be there, so that it 
may have a freer play of its energies. Very often many things that we cannot do 
here in the physical plane we are able to accomplish in the vital plane, this 
we are able to do by transmigrating into the life plane. And we reach a point 
where all that we wanted to do is as it were exhausted.Once that is done then 
we are able to pass to the other plane and if our mind was developed to some 
extent then we go to the mental plane. There again, what we were not able to do 
mentally here, we are able to accomplish over there. And a point is reached 
where it is exhausted and then we are able to move to the plane of the pure 
soul being which is called the Psychic plane. It is the psychic being actually, 
which is the individual formation of the soul; which is immortal, it never 
disintegrates, it is the inextinguishable flame. So that which really survives 
the body after the death of the body it is this psychic body or soul which 
remains disintegrated. The vital can become exhausted, mental can become 
exhausted but the soul is never exhausted. It is actually you might say an 
entity of potentiality which remains disintegrated.It is this soul personality 
which has a sojourn on the psychic plane. And according to the level of 
evolution that it has reached in the past births, and according to the 
potentiality it has got of manifestation in the future, it waits for the 
circumstances on the earth to arise appropriate to the need and then it takes a 
new body on the physical plane by descending into the physical plane. Very 
often when the soul is not very developed it does not make a conscious choice 
of the circumstances in which it is to be born. It happens almost like 
gravitation. But when the soul development has been sufficiently great, then it 
can decide exactly when it is to be born. It can even preside over the 
formation of the body, determine the formation of the body and take the birth 
according to its needs very consciously. In the case of very developed souls 
this is the normal condition. So it is actually the soul that takes 

    On Sunday, 2 April 2017 6:40 PM, "devindersingh gulati 
[TheBecoming]" <> wrote:

     I am saying the same thing, only differently.1. There is a soul.2. It is 
permanent.3. It evolves.4. To begin with, it is ineffective to control life.
5. In the beginning instincts and desires predominate over mind.6. Gradually 
the mind asserts its sovereignty.7. Mind is in turn more and more influenced by 
soul as it grows.
8. Reincarnation of soul becomes necessary for the process to complete 
itself.9. Reincarnation is as human only.10. Formations (Samskars) of desires 
that are very strong may reincarnate in animals, not the soul.

Once you grant that there is a necessity of rebirth then many questions arise. 
“There arises the first question of the process of rebirth; if that process is 
not quickly successive, birth immediately following death of the body so as to 
maintain an uninterrupted series of lives of the same person, if there are 
intervals, that in its turn raises the question of the principle and process of 
the passage to other worlds, which must be the scene of these intervals, and 
the return to earth–life. A third question is the process of the spiritual 
evolution itself and the mutations which the soul undergoes in its passage from 
birth to birth through the stages of its adventure.”The first question is what 
is the process of rebirth? Who is reborn, how is one reborn? In what form is he 
reborn?The second is, is rebirth immediately successive. There are two notions 
which are running in the world amongst those who believe in rebirth, not 
sufficiently reconciled. According to one view you leave this body and you are 
immediately reborn into another body. According to the other view once you come 
out of the body you go through experiences of pleasure and pain according to 
whether you have been good or bad on this earth. If you have been good you go 
to heaven and pleasures of some kind, otherwise you will be chastised and sent 
to hell for some time. And when this is over you take another birth. This is a 
popular notion, not necessarily scientifically verifiable. These are the 
current notions. We have to arrive at a very scientific conclusion on this 
subject. Is rebirth immediately successive or if not immediately successive 
then what happens to the soul in the interval?The third question is that in the 
whole process of dying, coming out of the body, passing to wherever one has to 
pass after the death of the body, returning to the new body; what is it that 
the soul gains and how does it evolve itself. What is the process of its 
evolution? What role does nature play and what role does the soul play in the 
evolution of consciousness, which is the real purpose. These are the three 
questions that 


    On Sunday, 2 April 2017 9:07 AM, S Turkman <> wrote:

 As I said before, we are made of 3 things. Physical Body, Astral Body and 
Spirit. When we die, Astral Body disintegrates and Spirit flies away to get 
Reincarnated again as a Human of a 4 Legged Animal depending on each case but 
normally back to another Human.Some in their 1st Sojourn or higher as Human may 
prefer to be Reincarnated back as 4 Legged Animals, where they had started 
from, if they did not like their Human Life.
I had an American friend, who could converse with 4 Legged Animals using 
telepathy (Mentally without saying any words)..i asked, why she did not use 
this skill at the Horse Races to win a lot of money?She said, "They are like 5 
to 8 years old Children mentally. 3 or 4 of them say, they would win the Race. 
Normally one of them wins but sometimes, one of the rest of them, who had said, 
they would not, wins. One day, I was with her in a Shopping Center on Milwaukee 
& Dempster Street, Desplaines, Illinois, USA. I saw a very crazy kind of Pet 
Dog of some lady that had gone inside leaving it outside. I requested her to 
talk with it. Following is the conversation:
LADY: Why are you acting so crazy?DOG: Because I am crazy?LADY: Why don't you 
straighten out your act so,you could be born as a Human?DOG: I have already 
done that. I was a Human. LADY: Did you act this crazy as a Human also?DOG: Yes 
and I could not enter Fetus of a Human after that. LADY: Do you like this life 
as a Dog?DOG: Yes. LADY: Why?DOG: Because this life is more fun and less 
restrictive. LADY: How?DOG: You saw me rape a little Bitch. Nobody arrested me 
to take to Jail. When I used to do this as a Human, they used to take me to 
Jail and in court the Raped Girl used to testify so, I had started killing them 
after raping so, they could not testify. I got caught again and was given Death 

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