Historic and yet parallel to aspects of culture and science we see now. 
 Shakti:   George Fox's Book Of Miracles. 
 ..Is a good detective story. You’ll like this, sit with it a while:

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 Youtube video, presentation by Quaker Michele Lee Tarter regarding 
rediscoveries and compilation of the Spiritual miracles of George Fox including 
telepathy, influencing people through Shakti by merely looking at them or by 
touch, and countless healings of a physical and mental nature.

 The miracles continued throughout Fox's life but starting in 1656 after the 
James Naylor Bristol event, much persecution of the Pentacostal nature of the 
experiences forced a more subdued display of the miracles.

 James Nayler, 1616 - 1660, a prominent Quaker best known for the Bristol event 
in which he rode into town reminiscent of the entry by Jesus into Jerusalem on 
a donkey.  Unfortunately, the event didn't work out well for Nayler.  He was 
literally branded on the forehead with a "B" for Blasphemy.

 [ Nayler, given the times what a dangerous jack-ass. Interesting though in the 
story to see what he triggered in the line of a fledgling spiritual movement. ]


 The newly printed "George Fox's Book of Miracles", brings to light the rather 
amazing a miraculous life of George Fox,  bolstering the notion that he was one 
of the greatest Saints of all time, perhaps equal to St. Paul and Peter.



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