The “grant program” is austere enough without forcing them to work during all 
their moments in time off. They should be treated with the magnanimity of a 
whole lot more respect than they get. 

 A push back against forcing grantees to work for the movement during their 
hours off would be to shorten their program some by letting them out of the 
Domes at 11:45am and 6:15pm so they could be eating and networking with the 
larger meditating community around them.  

 Worst than just being spartan the grant program as it is administered turns 
these people into renunciate sanyasis in our midsts.  


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 Ideas floating around ‘the administrative state’ of the TMO is to have 
grantees work for the movement during the afternoon time they are not 
meditating for two hours a day to earn supplemental income to help take 
pressure off the grant budget.

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 There has been a long steady slide in attending numbers, particularly since 
the 'grant program' conceived to pay people to meditate was scaled back and 
that grant program was tied with administrative 'monitoring' to closely watch 
over grant people meditating as they would practice their meditation in the 

 While the 'monitoring' of meditators asserting that grantees were as employees 
was conceived to insure the donors were getting 'value', the 'monitoring' is 
become a repugnant antithetical element in the sensibility of the collective 
narrative about the Dome meditation and innocent practice of an effortless 
technique. Yet again as the character of the administrative state of TM tries 
to control people they have tainted with fear the group coherence of the 
meditators in practice. 

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 The current Income Support initiative for sustaining Fairfield meditators in 
group meditating.. It costs now  $90,000 a month to sustain paying those in 
need who can be meditating doing “the long program”, full time in the Domes.. 
 A million bucks a year at current levels. 


 In Poverty..

 The 2017 federal poverty level (FPL) income numbers: 
 $12,060 for individuals
 $16,240 for a family of 2
 $20,420 for a family of 3
 $24,600 for a family of 4
 $28,780 for a family of 5
 $32,960 for a family of 6
 $37,140 for a family of 7
 $41,320 for a family of 8




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