Yep, it is awesome to be the recipient of the goodwill
 of the meditating community. It is like a spot light when
 it gets turned on to you. 
 Some people are shy or private
 but I always tell folks to let their friends here know what is up.
 There is a lot of spiritual capacity here in folks of the community.

yifuxero writes,
 'll send some mantric energy his way.


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 Re: Tim Hunter. , I;'m familiar with kidney failure - almost died in 1925 but 
recovered by drinking lots of water and taking certain supplements.  
Unfortunately, as long as one is a. physically in a hospital or hospice 
setting, or b. under the "care" of a physician, one can forget about a 
recovery.  Simply but unfortunately put, there's no cure in mainstream medicine 
for kidney failure, and the longer he stays in the Hospital, the higher his 
chances for death..
 I recommend starting with Black Cumin seed oil, 4X per day (an Ayurvedic 
remedy).  Black cumin seeds were also found in King Tut's tomb and are 
mentioned in the Bible.
 I'll send some mantric energy his way.



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