Apart from these criteria it is common knowledge that it is right not to harm 
anyone and wrong to do harm.
It is right to see good in others and wrong to see bad in anyone.
It is right to love people and wrong to hate them.
It is right to admire men for the good in them and wrong to rebuke them for 
their shortcomings and bad behaviour.
It is right to give advice to a man if he is doing wrong and wrong not to 
advise him to do good.
It is right to do things which will be helpful to oneself and others and it is 
wrong to do things which will harm others.
It is right to speak the truth but wrong to speak words that will harm others 
even if they are the truth.
It is right to be good to others and wrong to be unpleasant to anyone….

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Science of Being and Art of Living. International SRM 
Publications, 1967, p. 227.
A paragraph from Part Three: The Art of Living, Chapter Ten: Right and Wrong

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