Moral reasoning simply measured as ‘quick thinking’ is not necessarily the same 
as ethical compassionate behavior. Long time meditators or gurus though 
potentially more aware are not necessarily more ethical. Ethics measured out 
(felt) in life by the spiritual body also is cultivated in life by culture. 
Ethics spiritually cultivated and lived is very much about support of the 
condition of spiritual life, consciousness in the body system. In a healthy 
human psycho-spiritual system the lightbody of consciousness is more embodied 
and bright within the heart, head, throat and root fields as Atman or soul and 
connected such that those fields inform each other in discerning behavior that 
is or is not supporting of evolution of the energy system as the body-mind 
complex of ‘self-referral’ spirit embodied. A more healthy embodied system is 
where morality as faculty (morality as ‘quick thinking’ as ™’ers measure it in 
published studies) is potentially more conscious ethically, depending also on 
culture (social cultural ethical code) and cultured ‘upbringing’ of how well 
someone was raised up.  Hence, ethics and morality are intertwined in the 
spiritual system. Though just because someone is a meditator and they may have 
greater moral reasoning (like the ™ research now shows) does not necessarily 
make them more ethical, spiritually. This ethical discernment in life evidently 
is different than just being ‘quicker thinking’ as measured by the morality 
studies.  Stories do abound in both directions of ethical about meditator 
behavior in life and community that refute morality as being the equal of 
ethical.  Left unqualified like is being ‘promoted’ by TM’ers as a benefit of ™ 
possibly is quick thinking by marketers but but less than ethical, if left 
unqualified. (..Pray for the souls and energetic systems of those scientists 
and marketers who together would mis-represent this?)   

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 Despite their zeal, in perversity they perish. 
 Om how humankind blame the Divine Pitrs.  
 From us they say comes evil, 
 but through their own perversity are more than is their due 
 they meet with sorrow.
 Forewarned, for vengeance follows.

 The opening council, Paraphrasing, 
 -Homer, The Odyssey

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 Communal Scruples? Asking around, apparently some individuals have been 
ejected from the movement community as sexual predators, copping conning 
abusing while using jyotish, or bullying a spiritual status on their victims. 
 Some number of years ago a flamboyant guy who infamously was preying on MSAE 
age girls was threatened with arrest by a father then who was an attorney and 
the guy subsequently left Fairfield.  
 Evidently more recently some guy who had been on Purusha was using jyotish and 
spiritual specialness to sexually predate young women and also conning money, 
the guy evidently was evicted from Utopia Park and kicked off campus. 
 Another longtime predator preying by specialness and general nuisance of the 
meditating community was purposely separated from the movement some long time 
ago is still separated and about.  
In more recent times a warning went out by e-mail around the meditating 
community about someone returning to town who had fleeced by con some lot of 
money from people in investment scams.   

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 Would be, communal norms..

 Yifuxero writes:

 The definition of unconscionable = doing something you know to be wrong?  
Doesn't make sense.  ISIS killers are performing A-dharmic acts that they 
believe are right. Belief or unbelief in an action doesn't dictate the degree 
of Conscionable-ness.

 Conscionable = Dharmic?
 I'm still trying to figure out how/where King Tony became rich enough to 
purchase a beach-front property in FL.

---In, <> wrote :

 Evidently there are some communal scruples that can operate along the lines of 
the Golden Rule as members generally may become adversely affected by some 
criminally asocial behaviors inside or around the TM community. Though the 
processes may not necessarily appear transparent.  

---In, <> wrote :

 Conscionable ..
 Is there anything that is unconscionable, in TM?
 “Not right or reasonable”
 “Unreasonably excessive”
 M would advise us, “Never do that which you know to be wrong”.

 Are there things Reprehensible, in TM?
 Synonyms for Reprehensible:

 Acting, or wishing to act, according to one's conscience; habitually governed 
by a sense of what is right; scrupulous;.
 Of or relating to conscience or equity.
 Legally valid; equitable, just. Now also in weaker sense: justifiable, 

..A weak link possibly telegraphing that things might not have conscionably 
changed inside TM was the mayor of Maharishi Vedic City ginning up some numbers 
to imply to an outside remote listening audience that the population of M Vedic 
City and the number of pundits residing up there are both larger than what is 
closer to fact. 

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 From Fairfield coffee house reviews today, about the 12 Jan community meeting 
folks were appreciative of Hagelin’s straight ahead report of how it was going 
for teaching of ™ in America, Craig’s talk of the University and Beall’s talk 
about the school.  
 ..Though while Hagelin and all were constrained in hyperbole, the Mayor of 
Vedic City evidently was not.   
 A weak link possibly telegraphing that things might not have conscionably 
changed inside was the mayor of Maharishi Vedic City ginning up some numbers to 
imply to an outside remote listening audience that the population of M Vedic 
City and the number of pundits residing up there are both larger than what is 
closer to fact. 
 ..Pinking up and seeming with a rush of true-believing while at the podium 
microphone this seemed an unfortunate confirmation.  
 ..As to what is up there in M Vedic City it is in fact enough extraordinary in 
itself that the MVC Mayor there really did not need to do what he tried. 
 ..Oh that they would know better by now than to foment any liability of lies 
and half-truths but instead could error more definitely on the side of the 
asset of honest truth.  
 Also from the Mayor of MVC's talk, he’d like to build a Maharishi 
Invincibility Tower there in MVC too. 

---In, <> wrote :

 It was a movement kind of meeting.  John Hagelin MC’ed the meeting in the Dome 
to sync up with the International meeting.   He started by giving a report on 
the condition of the teaching of ™ in the United States, that is something that 
he oversees.  
 The metrics are encouraging in numbers of active ™ teachers, numbers of new 
meditators, a group of new teachers who are in training, collaborative programs 
to teach people to meditate in corporations,  military, government and schools. 
 The University report included an explanation of the new regenerative 
agriculture program. The meeting moved on with international reports. 

 The cushioned power chairs on the stage in the Fairfield Dome held more women 
than usual though the powerful men who hold more of the controlling ownership 
in the movement were more likely over in Europe with the larger January 12 


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