FW: "..refer to Maharishi's Commentary on the Gita, where he states, inter 
alia, at VI: 10, "the feeling of someone being around him or watching him may 
impede the smoothness of the process of transcending."

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 At this point we should carry on without the movement doing the paying of 
people to meditate. That is just fraught with bad feeling. Parse that off to 
some other non-profit entity to figure out if it can be. Drop now the IAA and 
carry on with a WPA group meditation for those who can. The movement should 
simply just facilitate meditation and not try to run the social support program 
by monitoring people's lives. Let other parts of the meditating community 
figure that out.    

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 A Responding e-mail: Dr. Hagelin, I came to MIU in 1974 as a student. One of 
the best times of my life, I was inspired to become a teacher, moved here to 
raise children, etc.

 IF, MIU had had "monitoring"then, I'm sure I'd never have stayed in Fairfield. 
Honestly, the concept is weird and certainly not...spiritual.


 I stay because Fairfield is a mature and integrated spiritual community that 
supports me and that hopefully I contribute to. I do hope that some thought and 
consideration is given to the points about "monitoring". 

 I'm sure none of this policy is your design but I'm inspired to write you. One 
would hope, that the understanding of the practice 

 of meditation, i.e. that "control" doesn't work, could be applied in this 


 In appreciation and gratitude,


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 FW: Friends it is imperative that we all press Dr. Hagelin to put an end to 
monitoring in the Dome meditation.  Monitoring as it has been done in the 
administrative state of the “grant” program and the Invincible America Assembly 
stands as a prime culprit in the undoing of our communal cohesion as a 
meditating community. 

 There is an elite level of money and administrative apparatchiks in the 
movement community who are enamored of controlling people with punitive 
controls by monitoring meditation. Punitive monitoring of meditation is 
completely antithetical to what we stand on as the teaching of effortless 
meditation.  It is time to put to put an end to the administrative state of the 
Invincible America Assembly.

 This is an extremely important time right now. As much as one can act right 
now,  push this real concern about the group meditation here in Fairfield by 
contacting Dr. Hagelin now.  

 Dr. Hagelin as Raja of America in the Global Country of World Peace, Director 
of Maharishi Foundation USA, and as President of Maharishi International 
University (MUM), Dr. Hagelin has the position to pull rank and remediate this 

 Ask him to take courage and right this predicament which is so fundamental to 
our innocent practice of meditation as a group.  It is time to remove what has 
been a sutra of fear from the Dome community. 

 Act now and share your feelings about this with Dr. Hagelin at,

 Write him

 Dr, John Hagelin, MUM President’s Office   

 Leave a Phone Message 


 Tell him:

 Dr. Hagelin,, 
 Please dissolve all the Meditation Monitoring System(s) and get the movement 
out of all the business of monitoring people (students, faculty, grantees, 
citizens, old initiators/govs of TSR) and their meditations.

 The large principle here is that monitoring the way it has been done in the 
Domes is fundamentally antithetical to the effortless practice of meditation 

 Tell this to Dr. Hagelin and anyone else who could help.

 For the community don’t lose this opportunity now to:
 Stop the ‘grant’ program right now as it is run. It is way too corrosive to 
the element of innocence and effortless meditation there.  Let some other 
community group figure out how to support these few indigents who are 
meditating on the “long program” in the Domes. Everything should be done to 
support them but it is clearly time to get the movement out of the 
administration of the grant. The money and with its monitoring the grant has 
destroyed the whole coherence of what was the place.

 A substantial “principle of the 2nd element” towards correcting this is to 
completely skip trying to ‘solve’ the problem on the level of the problem but 
simply to stop having the movement run the ‘grant’ program as the Invincible 
America Assembly.
 There have been weeks-long ongoing considerations of this in small groups and 
meditating community committees including grantees, university, TSR, IAA and 
administrator members of the meditating community..

 Summary links, open and scroll down..
 The FairfieldLife forum can be read by the public without having to join as a 
group member, 

 Fairfield’s Crisis of Meditator Numbers in the Dome 
 https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/g roups/FairfieldLife/conversati 

 Fairfield's Kodak Moment https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/g 
roups/FairfieldLife/conversati ons/messages/434676 

 Why does it matter?.. In Statistical Truth, The Call to Spiritual Order,Rally 
Now to Meditation! https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/g 
roups/FairfieldLife/conversati ons/messages/434677 


 Act now
 with the best of kind regards,

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 As an advocating force behind meditation monitoring,
 Raja Bob LoPinto,  someone was saying LoPinto is not a TM teacher?
 Is that true?
 Minister of Finance and Planning: Raja Bob LoPinto
 Deputy Minister: Dr. Markus Gerber

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 e-mail asks, Is this more just a matter of principle?
 People choose not to be on these programs because they are monitored?
 It reaches in and affects the practice of meditation for those sitting in the 
 Spreadsheets of the long term attendance data and its graphs show empirically 
what has happened. The communal narratives certainly describe it. More recently 
in committee meetings other minds more versed in Vedic Science figured the ill 
effect of monitoring’s connection out.  From cultivated Mother Divine and IAA 
alumni and those current on the grant programs evidently in report there is a 
fear and hurt that is put in people by the monitoring. All this taken together 
becomes compelling evidence that monitoring the way it is done is ‘deeply’ 
offending to the practice of meditation.  The data shows there a need now for 
acknowledging the policy problem and remediating it.

 A more recent interview tells of someone intentionally working at throwing the 
observers off (during meditation) by constantly changing outward patterns 
during practice and the hopping performance so there is no trend to record.  

 We found the same thing before in the couple of years of committee work prior 
to the former University President’s removal which also collected these 
narratives related to student (MSAE, MIU & MUM) experience.  Same offending 
problem which then got identified as a policy problem and remediated. Work in 
progress. -

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 By e-mail:

 "They" actually do that??? Ie monitor meditation????  WTF

 What is this "physical monitoring"? Are they walking around checking to see if 
you're awake? Hopping?

 Money clearly is primary as a corrupting force in the ruin of the system here.
 Now, in an abundance of fear for my own Dome badge status I can neither 
confirm or deny here that there are monitors hired in both Domes to have their 
eyes open during meditation observing and making records of parameters of how 
the grantees meditate. That spreadsheets are made. That Grantees who are not 
productive within parameters as meditators are consulted with and may be 
dropped from the grant, so it is said. I can neither confirm or deny I have 
seen this. I do hear firsthand narratives of assembly meditators quitting the 
assembly no longer going to the dome meditation having disliked being followed 
to the toilets, being forced to hop for hours by guideline and such or 
harangued to give ‘number one’ experiences of meditating. Some broken hearted 
(energy system) demoralization from the experience. 

 Qualitatively I can vouch that generally people are actually sitting up 
attending more to meditate now than before there was monitoring of the grant $. 
 Possibly this one aspect of more people actually sitting up and meditating is 
a general benefit of the greater expectations in monitoring. Before the 
monitoring of the grant the meditating community with its Domes were well known 
for its TM sleepers “dosing for dollars”. Quite evidently there now is a lot 
more meditating going on per dollar granted for meditating than before but a 
spiritual hurt otherwise here has been great. 

 Not like it used to be but the Domes even with their incredibly attrited 
numbers are still powerfully activated spiritual places to meditate. That a 
meditator would live in Fairfield and not go to the Dome meditation? God save 
the Domes.

 Succinct Action Steps for Dr. Hagelin to Engage

Group conversations and committee summaries: 
 Top of list: Re-articulate Communal Mission

 Dissolve all the Meditation Monitoring System(s). Get the movement out of all 
the biz of monitoring people (students, faculty, grantees, citizens, old 
initiators/govs of TSR) and their meditations.

 Dissolve the IAA grant program as it is currently.  Re-Start a World Peace 
Assembly for those who can.

 Shorten the morning and evening long program by letting attendees out of the 
Domes by 11:45am and 6:15pm so our meditators could be eating and networking in 
sync with the larger meditating community around them. Axe the time spent on 
the puja and the 10am ‘number one’ experience meeting in the middle of the 
morning meditation.
 Worst than just being spartan the grant program as it has been administered 
turns these people into renunciate sanyasis in our midsts.

 Stop the daily Puja Performance as part of the Dome meditation program

 Stop the 10:00am ‘number one experience’ sessions. Make that meeting now 
separate from the meditating of the group.

 Get the Dome WPA meditation down to two long programs for anyone who would 
take the time.

 Advocate largely for the larger group meditation by the practice of 
transcendent meditative experience along with the science, and not through 
disciplinary punitive means of judging or monitoring of practice while 
meditating, the level of fealty of faith or belief, or the individual lives of 


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 Dear Dr. Hagelin, Please Stop the grant program right now as it is run. It is 
way too corrosive to the element of innocence and effortless meditation here.  
Let some other community group figure out how to support these few indigents 
who are meditating on the “long program” in the Domes. Everything should be 
done to support them but it is clearly time to get the movement out of the 
administration of the grant. The money and its monitoring the grant has 
destroyed the whole coherence of what was the place.

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 Q: They wonder, why are people not meditating together?

 A:Using our own communal technical Vedic Science nomenclature..  Monitoring 
lowered the group coherence and numbers meditating in Fairfield by 'tainting 
the wave function' of consciousness as the wave function of individual 
consciousness collapses in meditation(™).

 The coloring of consciousness with fear by effect of monitoring in physical 
observation is antithetical to meditation in creating stress to the innocence 
of the practice.

 It was the same complaint of students both at MSAE and MUM over being graded 
on their meditation practice by monitors and having that grade go in 
transcripts. The same complaint of the file-making on meditator’s private lives 
by ‘the administrative state’ of the ™ movement.   

 The monitoring needs to be decompressed to something else to help get back to 
increased levels of communal cohesion again.

 Towards Regaining Communal Critical Mass:

 Also, it is way past time to re-draft the national guidelines that regulate 
membership for inclusion in the group meditations.  There are way too many 
“non-compete” clauses that remain in the guidelines, still. Clauses that 
exclude capable meditators from the collective of the group meditations.  It is 
sinful what the Rajas have continued to abide in excluding people.


   May 7, 2017

 Jai Guru Dev and warm greetings.
 I am writing today to alert you to a matter of great importance.
 In 2006, Maharishi personally created and organized our Invincible America 
Assembly (IAA), which has played a critical role in maintaining national 
coherence and world peace—a role that has never been more important than it is 
 On Saturday, April 29th, Raja Raam, Dr. Bevan Morris and I met with a group of 
115 donors and other movement leaders (85 in person and 30 online) to discuss 
how we can maintain this indispensable component of our community.
 A brief review of the April 29th meeting for those who were not present:
 Bevan and I summarized the current situation: Two years ago Howard and Alice 
Settle, having donated more than $125m, found themselves no longer in a 
position to support the IAA Grantees, as much as they wanted to continue to do 
so. Since then, the International TM organization has been drawing upon global 
resources to support the IAA Grantees—but this was only a temporary and 
unsustainable stopgap. We must now urgently turn our attention to finding other 
ways to support our core Yogic flyers. Raja Raam welcomed donors and community 
leaders, emphasized the key importance of the IAA for the U.S. and for the 
world, and strongly upheld MUM and the IAA as the heart and soul of our 
community and of our entire country. Concerning our Maharishi Vedic Pandits in 
Maharishi Vedic City: It was agreed that the donors who have been supporting 
our precious MVC Pandits should continue their support, for which we are all 
very grateful. To add further Pandit support to America in what all agree is a 
critical time, International is creating large new groups of Maharishi Vedic 
Pandits in India, totaling between 1,000 and 1,331 in number—dedicated solely 
or primarily to bolstering coherence for the United States through Yoga and 
Yagya. This will be funded in part through our ongoing contributions to the 
National Yagya and Special Yagya programs, and with additional International 
support. 135 professional Sidhas flying 135 minutes everyday: Bob Markowitz 
emphasized that we have assembled a very precious resource in the form of 135 
dedicated full-time IAA participants who practice Yogic Flying for a minimum of 
135 minutes every day. Most of these are long-term “Heroes of the Movement” who 
have been doing this since Maharishi inaugurated the IAA in 2006, and who are 
now reporting profound experiences of higher states of consciousness—thus 
creating a sublime influence of sattwa and coherence for the US that absolutely 
must be maintained. He reminded us how Maharishi called in every day to the 
assembly, asking about our numbers and what we could possibly do to increase 
them. A number of valuable points were made and suggestions put forward by all 
those present. Examples of these include: charging a modest fee for use and 
maintenance of the domes that could help to provide support for our IAA 
grantees; establishing a temp and employment office/agency to help find 
remunerative employment for many of our IAA participants during their 
afternoons; providing our IAA participants with more affordable Vastu housing 
at the IdeaLife Campus; and even crowd-funding for world peace. Action Steps:
 All these ideas, taken together, offer some promise of making a significant 
contribution towards maintaining our 135 core IAA long-term rounders, and we 
are starting to implement them all. However, it was clear to us as a group that 
a steady stream of donations will play the largest role in supporting our 
Heroes of the IAA—including retiring MUM and MSAE facu

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