Nancy Glassco passed away in May. Nancy lived in Fairfield for 34 years most 
of that time rounding,
 Including the Creating Coherence Program and the Invincible America Assembly. 
She was 95 and 8 months old.

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 Ellie Ditzel died yesterday morning.
 Wednesday May 24

 Ellie first moved to the meditating community in Fairfield, Iowa in 1975. 
There will be a gathering of her friends this Saturday afternoon May 27 from 2 
to 4 p.m. at Revelations Coffeehouse. 


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 Vaidya Mishra

---In, <> wrote :

 Paul Handelman
 April 11,1949 - March 20, 2017

 Carl Wonneman, 75
 Obit, Fairfield Ledger:
 Died March 11, 2017
 Born May 27, 1943
 Served four years in the United States Navy in the Underwater Demolition 
Program as a “frogman”. 
 Received a MBA from Maharishi International University. 

 Yep, someone recently was telling me there were about a 100 people who became 
TM teachers out of St. Louis, Columbia, Kansas City and the Cape. Carl seems to 
have also been of the Missouri TM cohort for a time.

 His friends called him, 'Big-Beefy'. Tim Hildebrandt told a story about Carl 
saying one time when they were teaching TM in the St. Louis area they were in 
rough area using a motel to initiate in. They went out for a meal and on coming 
back Carl's tape recorder was missing from the room. He went out to his car, 
got a baseball bat and went down a few doors banging on a door to where some 
guys were hanging out saying to them that he was missing his tape recorder and 
was going out for a while but that the tape recorder better be back when he 
returns or.. "heads will roll". The tape recorder was back in its place when he 
got back. 

 Wait.  Karl ( Carl) Wannaman?  I knew him.  He was part of the Cape Giradeau, 
Mo. contingent if it is who I am thinking of. Would have been friends with 
George Todt and Tim Hildebrandt, (deceased). 

 I would not have pegged him as the Navy Seal type, though, or a healer, for 
that matter, but he was a nice fellow.

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 Carl W0nneman passed away last night. An old devotee of Maharishi, very much a 
part of the Fairfield, Iowa Meditating Satsanga. A cultivated spiritual guy, a 
healer. He was a Navy Seal before there were Navy Seals, went to Viet Nam. He 
met Maharishi while surfing and walking on the beach one day in Malibu. Later 
he went to TM teacher training. For a while Maharishi made him a checker of 
advanced techniques. In his later years he was resident in Fairfield and very 
much present in the meditating community. The last couple of years he was 
confined in a nursing home in Fairfield. I am grateful to have known him, he 
taught me the night technique the way Maharishi taught it to him.  I will miss 
him.   “Free at last, he is free, thank god almighty he is free at last”.

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 John Ong 1927-2017
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 On Being. This is pretty good, you'll laugh.
 Withering Into the Truth
---In, <> wrote :

 Rod Magoon 
 David George

---In, <> wrote :

 Gary Malmgren,
 A friend to everyone.
 The sweetest man in the Dome. 
Sept. 11, 1945 - Jan. 8, 2017

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 Meditators; it's been a long time, it's been a sacrifice at times to have been 
here. You came bravely, proudly. You're a special group. You've found in one 
another a bond that exists possibly only among siblings. You've shared 
community, held each other in dire moments. You've seen friends in their death 
here and we have all suffered together at times to be here. I'm proud to have 
meditated with each and every one of you. You all who came and joined the 
Fairfield, Iowa group meditation deserve long and happy rest in peace.


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 Amalia Bright passed away yesterday.  

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 Hi Friends
 Our dear friend William James Duke passed into the Life Eternal today at 
2:54pm as the Supermoon was preparing to rise.  It was a powerful, graceful 
transition.  The cremation ceremony will be Friday at Behner’s Funeral and 
Crematorium…in the afternoon ( time TBA).  A reception will follow at the home 
of Catharine Castle (time and address TBA).
 All blessings, jennifer
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 They shall not grow old:
 As we who are left grow old
 At the going down of the sun
 And in the morning we will
Remember them.  

 Florence Davis passed away recently.
 George Gallagher too. 


  Thursday Oct. 20, 2016, Andrew Sheehan, age 40, passed away while resting at 
home.  His parents are Brian and Theresa Sheehan, his sister is Anna Hunter and 
his two sons are Sebastian, 23, and Tristyn, 10. Their mother is Angela 

 Andrew’s parents ask that all who loved Andrew send loving thoughts and 
prayers to Andrew.

 Andrew was a skilled builder and much loved. 

 A memorial service will be held Saturday, Oct. 22, at 2 p.m. at Behner Funeral 
Home. All are welcome. Those who wish may bring stems of flowers, no 
arrangements. Thank you.



---In, <> wrote :

 Andrew Sheehan has passed.

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 Sally Peden, 69, of Fairfield, died Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016.
 Ms. Peden was born May 26, 1947, in Columbia, Missouri.
 She had devoted her life in personal service to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi since 
1971. She traveled the world with him as a personal assistant and lived for 
many years at the International Capital for the Transcendental Meditation 
movement in Seelisberg, Switzerland.
 Following that time, Ms. Peden spent years working for Maharishi University of 
Management. She worked for the Institute for Public Policy, the Natural Law 
Party, and finally she worked as administrator for M.U.M.’s vedic science 
 Survivors include: her stepmother, Petch Peden, of Columbia Missouri; one 
sister, Liza Mitchell of Webster Groves, Missouri; and her close companion, Ken 
Chawkin of Fairfield.

 Tom Torpy, a long time Purusha friend
 passed away recently. 

---In, <> wrote :

 John Herbert Prechtel
is now gone on.

 Sali Pedin has passed on. 

 Nancy Van Blaricum TTC Mallorca 1972 w/ Maharishi
 Initiated over 2000 meditators

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 Thanks for posting these. 

 Harvey Lubar, I knew.

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 [  For researching/ study purposes,
   Scroll further down to the 'previous' posts to this thread to find other 
much longer lists,  ]


 Louisa Magee Marc Travis

 Recent passings from the meditating community.. 

 Gillian Pierce
 Frank Ramsey
 Gert MacQuaeen
 Evelyn Normandin
 Petra Stanley
 Harvey Lubar

 Further back, to add to the longer list
 Cindy Korn
 Jan Overholt


 James R. French Long time friend and benefactor 
 of TM and the Fairfield, Iowa
 meditating community
 passed away, April 9th. .  

 Jan Wixon, is another name on the list.   

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Currently, on average FF TM'ers would be.. of the Boomer II generation,
 ..about 65-70 years of age, on average. 

 1994, Survey of Fairfield Adult Meditators,
 25-35 65 10%
 36-45 391 60%
 46-55 138 21%
 > 55 47 7%

---In, <dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :


 Rates of Change.  The calculus of aging in TM.. 

 Some of what we can see in these lists is a natural aging-out of the Post-War 
Cohort, of the people who were early with Maharishi in the very early SRM 
movement,  the Walter Koch and Charlie Lutes generation of TM. 

 Now what we are seeing in TM is an accelerating rate of attrition to aging-out 
of the Boomer I and Boomer II’s.  Interestingly, the cusp time period where the 
Boomers I and Boomers II met was the time frame where TM took off in popular 
(college undergrad, grad student, professor-age) culture for a time.  A lot of 
the TM movement intake happened in those years 1968-76, over the cusp of the 
Boomers I and II.  

 You can see this particular cusp in the age span of meditators in the Dome or 
at campus meetings of the TM community now.  The WWII generation is pretty much 
gone from the ranks of TM now.  The Post-War Cohort are pretty gone or 
geriatric now and the Boomers I are increasingly shuffling or gone on.  Boomers 
II are increasingly ‘in diminish’.  Time is short regardless.  

 Post-War Cohort
 Born: 1928-1945
 Coming of Age: 1946-1963
 Age in 2004: 59 to 76
 Current Population: 41 million (declining)

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