John, are you saying that in the public testimony "Comey just said that Trump 
committed obstruction of justice and a federal crime.?"  You must not be 
talking literally.  I'm pretty gosh darn positive he didn't say either such 
thing.  However, I feel your pain.   

 Here's a good article on impeachment.  Impeachment does not mean removal.  The 
likelihood that Trump will be removed through the impeachment process is slim 
to none, imho.



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 Comey has stated so in the article shown.  I'm sure he knows how to present 
his evidence to support his point.  Also, he has an ax to grind since he was 
fired by Trump.  For the senators in the committee, it will be hard for them 
ignore the details of his testimony.  All of these things are recorded and 
filmed which is available to all investigative reporters and all politicians.

 There's already a Democratic congressman who has crafted the steps needed to 
impeach Trump.  It's only a matter of time when the snowball effect will take 
over the political climate in DC.  And, it looks grim for Trump.


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 jr, Comey didn't say either of those things, I don't believe.  We are a long 
ways from impeachment.  

 There is no final conclusion yet on whether obstruction or collusion occurred. 
 Trump has most definitely not been "virtually cleared of any wrong doing."  
Multiple investigations are still ongoing, yes?  More will be revealed.   

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 Comey just said that Trump committed obstruction of justice and a federal 
crime which are punishable by impeachment.  His testimony as an ex-FBI chief 
cannot be brushed aside easily by the Senators in the committee.  This could 
become another Watergate for those who are looking for significance and 
historical comparison.

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 I'm sure you couldn't see how he was elected either.
 Trump has been virtually cleared of any wrong doing.
 He was never under investigation and there is no evidence of any collusion 
with the *Russians* and no evidence of obstruction of justice.
I know this has got to be pissing the media and democrats off but these are the 


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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] The Dismantling of Trump
 Comey's testimony today has caused a flurry of questions against Trump's 
personal and management style.  He appears to be playing the "ratings" game to 
keep his job as president.  I don't see any positive angle for Trump to save 
his job/gig at the White House.





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