Title: FW: Money doesn't buy power in all cases
Tom’s latest email to me (below) and my answer here:

I believe in freedom of speech up to a point. I think some people here could try to be more cordial, forgiving, tolerant, etc., but I’m not going to police them. I don’t have the time, nor does it reflect my philosophy. You are pretty much the only member who has needed policing, when you made racist and anti-Semitic remarks. My inbox was flooded with requests to do something about your behavior. I’m sure Yahoo’s guidelines don’t condone racism or anti-semitism. So if there’s a legitimate reason to delete FFL, you are it. Yet when you made those remarks, you were expressing your honest opinion, not trying to get the group deleted by planting garbage, as you have done more recently. If I could solve the problem by deleting your membership, I would, but we allow people to use pseudonyms here, and you would just sign up again using one. So that would be a silly game. More yagyas, Tom. You need more yagyas.

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How well did your spending thousands of dollars of clients' money work to get the anonymousff account back or to get Yahoo to reclassify FFL?

Let me explain how the system works.  Yahoo Groups are hosted on Oracle databases, distributed world wide via Oracle Advanced Replication with nationalization in at the presentation layer.  There most probably is a FFL at groups.yahoo.co.uk, for example.  Same database, different user interface. When I find a helpful Oracle DBA or SA, it would take but a second for them to delete the group, delete all the Yahoo email accounts and, incidently, I suspect a lot of the email addresses you have are bogus.  People have changed ISPs, forgotten to log into their Yahoo/GMail/Hotmail account often enough and their account's been deactivated.  Deletion is the first step.  Second is deleting the trace that the group ever existed and finally, deleting any audit trails that recorded the deletion.  We're talking about two different forms of power.  You have the power (so you believe) of spending thousands of dollars on Yahoo ads.  The Oracle DBA or SA has the power to not only make something go away, they have the power to make all the traces of the deletion go away as well.  I've working on IRS systems, highly classified systems, banking systems, telephone systems, cellphone systems.  There are major audit trails kept for the likes of IRS, classified and banking systems but they can be defeated.  Basically one trusts the people working for them.  Making someone's electric/water/gas/telephone/cell phone accounts go away is trivial.  Making a Yahoo group disappear and all the traces of how it disappeared is trivial.  So I don't need to appeal to the any aspect of the group.  I just need a quid-pro-quo.  

When I use the word "rancor" I'm not just talking about people ragging on about me weeks after I make a post (so much for your stop posting statement).  I'm talking about the ragging on that half the people do against each other.  Here we have by and large a group of people with one foot in the grave sniping at each other like children.

It's entirely true that you can reconstruct the group.  Sysiphus was able to roll the boulder almost to the top of the mountain.

How's about instead of attempting to play oneupmanship, you make an attempt to keep the rancor of the group down?  Or is the oneupmanship part and parcel to the whole theme of FFL?

I fear "pissing" a lot of people off not at all.  They're pissed already else they wouldn't pounce on the most innocent of posts and snowball that into an out and out brawl.  Were I to post the temperature in Austin, TX, right now, pissed off people would pounce on that.  Others would pounce on them.

As far as not having anything better to do.  No.  I don't.  When I do exactly what Chopra says and ask myself how it feels, if it feels right, the answer comes up a comfortable yes.

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