Yes, and here in Fairfield, Iowa while there are large spiritual matters at 
hand pressing in the local meditating community ( “All politics is local..” 
-O’Neill)  it becomes a wonder that some could be so ‘triggered’ and then 
compelled to surface here posting chomp at mundane political and partisan 
analysis without attempt at spiritual consideration or reflection as if there 
are not news, political forums and blogs that focus on that analysis more 
narrowly otherwise. 
 Yes, one could wonder about the persons who would come to a public spiritual 
forum and post mundane contention as to what they do practice as process of 
their own spiritual cultivation. Do they regularly practice a meditation and 
what relationship might it have to their socio-civic life, such as their 
particular politic. -JaiGuruYou  


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 Yes, ..! Been mediating quite regularly. Thanks for your concern. 

 I'm pretty sure I didn't start the thread though. Do you have the same concern 
for the person who did... or is it just me?


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 Noteworthy that you all return surfacing to a spiritual forum for reflection 
in such times of turmoil. Are you all meditating regularly now also?



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