Enlightened Leadership International will host its second annual International 
Yogic Flying Competition during the Global Summer Assembly at MERU in Vlodrop, 
 Last year, ELI hosted the first International Yogic Flying Competition in 
decades. The competition was extremely successful and even led to a new world 
record in Yogic Flying (in the long jump). ELI is continuing the tradition this 
 Watch or Compete 
 All course participants are warmly invited to join the audience and enjoy the 
waves of bliss, invincibility, and freedom created by the Yogic Flyers in this 
not-to-be-missed event. 
 Men’s and Ladies’ Competitions this Year 
 Those who have learned Yogic Flying and fly in the lotus position are warmly 
welcome to apply and compete. National qualifying heats will be held in some 
countries. If you are interested in competing, please apply as soon as 

 The competition will take place in four disciplines: 
 25-metre hurdles
 Long jump
 High jump
 25-metre race 
 Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to the first, second, and 
third place winners in each discipline. 


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