Well yes, on the one hand the social science research empirically shows that 
something happens when people meditate. That is becoming beyond doubt now 
except by some science-deniers who maybe don’t understand science or refuse to 
understand it.  Though as you say, the science does not show the ‘how’ it 
happens’.  Objectively people know their own experience with it and conduct 
their own science accordingly. But you are right that science science has not 
physically got their fingers yet on the ‘how’.  
 A month ago Dr. Hagelin gave a really interesting ‘spiritual’ talk on the  
‘how’ it happens.  The nature of the shakti or the field that can be in the 
human system and the ‘how’ that happens. 
 There is a guy visiting right now in Fairfield this week giving satsang on 
this with being a pervasive field effect of light, love, and shakti.  This is 
palpable and then the tools of science research will probably catch up on that 
in time. Science people are thinking about this very study problem and 
scratching their heads wondering particularly about this as you are here.   

 yifuxero writes:


 Re "not the replicating studies of recent times"  This statement is 
problematic since whether from long ago or recent times, the TMO has not shown 
that subtle energies operating in the ME (Shakti) can be measured at all.  
While it's true that certain people with psychic abilities (e.g. in the past, 
Leadbeater and at present, John Douglas), even these experiences are subjective 
and the property of rare individuals.
 Either the Shakti can a. not be measured at all  b. can be cognized but not 
quantified or c. can be measured and quantified with a matchine.  None of these 
cases applies since assuming Hagelin is behind most of the claims for the ME, 
his statement on Batgap as to psychic abilities shows that he's not 
particularly adept in that regard
 So, if neither Hagelin or the other Administrators have any special psychic 
powers, and they haven't yet discovered a machine that can measure the Shakti, 
then: there  are no alternatives and the claims as to ME are wildly speculative 
and without a scientific basis.
 As to statistical replication, one must eliminate all other possible Shakti 
effects as candidates.
 The research on the physiological effects of TM is in a separate category and 
has its own faults, chiefly the failure to compare the results with experienced 
Mindfulness practitioners.

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 People ‘claim’ things like:
 One: “..the movement's confirmation-bias tainted research”.
 Confirmation-bias may be a fault of some of the earlier research but evidently 
not of the replicating studies done in more recent times. That there might have 
been some confirmation bias in some of the research does not invalidate all the 
science published on meditating. There is a lot of discussion and rebuttal 
about this for open minds to consider at TruthaboutTM.org   
 Two: “..Maharishi did not even really know if this coherence effect would 
really work, as it seemed to be based on a rather loose association of a 
statement by Patanjali with a coherence effect in physics.”
The process of science includes taking observation, making hypothesis about 
observations and then testing the hypothesis. Maharishi was at that the whole 
time in process from very early on when he left India to go out and teach 
meditation until his final days. Throughout his long career he would use the 
large facility of the ™ movement to advance science by this process of from 
observation making, to hypothesis and testing it. This was large thinking of an 
inquiring mind.  
 The disgruntled and disaffected may feel and gripe otherwise about him for 
their own reasons but what he did in persistence at advancing broadly the 
science on meditation in the last half of the 20th Century and into the 21St 
Century was monumental in its developmental way.

 Developmental like with Copernicus observing: Although Copernicus' model 
changed the layout of the universe, it still had its faults. For one thing, 
Copernicus held to the classical idea that the planets traveled in perfect 
circles. It wasn't until the 1600s that Johannes Kepler 
https://www.space.com/15787-johannes-kepler.html proposed the orbits were 
instead ellipses. As such, Copernicus' model featured the same epicycles that 
marred in Ptolemy's earlier work, although there were fewer. 
 Copernicus' ideas, published only two months before he died, took nearly a 
hundred years to seriously take hold. When Galileo Galilei 
https://www.space.com/15589-galileo-galilei.html claimed in 1632 that Earth 
orbited the sun, building upon the Polish astronomer's work, he found himself 
under house arrest for committing heresy against the Catholic church. 



---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 At start of Summer 2017 now, within this circumstance of consequence with the 
collapse of the Dome numbers meditating it is terrible that the TM Trustees, 
Raja and their apparatchiks had let it get so bad with the Dome numbers.
It is like the very people in charge who, standing in the way holding sway, 
don’t themselves believe the best of science (even their own!) now published on 

 ..there are bodies of studies now authored, collaboratively with other 
reputable universities and institutions, and conducted independent of the .org, 
published studies that have extremely high statistical p values and then also 
aggregated high p values studies, replicated too that correlate the effects of 
meditating. Gold standard stuff.  

 So the premise is that at a point the plain truth of such a series of 
extremely extraordinarily high p value published studies in the aggregate 
simply becomes statistical truth. A type of fact. What they correlate becomes 
fair ‘rule of thumb’.  Unless of course as people may be anti-science or don’t 
understand science this way they may not grok what is completely current in the 
cutting edge of knowledge. This does not deny that there was bad or poorly 
designed or poorly performed science on meditation that went before. However, a 
sheer weight of the best of science is plainly correlating that it is a 
statistical truth now and quite fair rule of thumb that meditating has benefits 
that go with its practice.  QED.  


 Hagelin's Premise,


 A premise large in assertion and direction like a Monroe Doctrine, The 
Marshall Plan or the Meissner-like Maharishi Effect, now as matter of 
statistical fact: 

 It is time to rally to meditation by all that the best of modern science tells 
us is statistical truth and by what we know more objectively in our experience 
as quite fair rule of thumb. It is quite time now to come together in 
collective meditation for all that is good.



---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 In renewed social critique,
 with the dislocations in society from rapid technological changes like in the 
‘social question’ of the 19th Century renewed, is there alternative here to so 
much of what is in this postmodern time period’s spiritual agitation and 
conflict-making, like taking a fresh alternative towards looking to the science 
of radical peace-making?

 Is it come time for something radical, like a making of peace, going up in 
magnitude to a much larger scale?
 To go much higher than 1 percent, 5 in 100, much higher than the square root 
of one percent of a group meditating. 

 Is it come time now for new critique and something more.
 In experience Transcendentalism has always been the critique to materialism 
that has gone out of perspective.  Given the stakes, it would seem in the 
modern now it is time for revolutionary transforming transcendent meditationist 
action everywhere.  QED.


---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 We are grateful to all those who came answering the call and sat up in their 
meditations with us in Fairfield, Iowa. It has been our honor to have had those 
who traveled from distant places join alongside us here in collective 
meditation in these times.

 From time in memorium this is called the work of moral courage where people, 
deeper spiritual people [transcendentalists] do this, come in to groups 
meditating together for something larger. 


---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :


 It would be far better for you look at the webpage of 
http://www.truthabouttm.org/ http://www.truthabouttm.org/ towards engaging a 
much higher level of understanding of these things.  I only know my objective 
experience with it all which I find statistically certain in many replicable 
ways for myself.  -JaiGuruYou


 yifux...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 Thx,....statements like this should be put into a proper perspective.  As to 
the Hagelin Premise where he basically says that peace follows from the ME 
which is "peer reviewed" and supported by "statistics"; which "peers" is he 
talking about, and who collected the stats.  If Dr. Hagelin is reading this, 
kindly provide the reference(s) on the peer reviewed journals, if any. 
 If you're reading this, Dr. Hagelin, feel free to jump in and rebut.


---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 Waging radical peace... 

 Hagelin's Premise..
 Peer-reviewed, published, replicated, honest-to-goodness, gold-standard 
scientific research leads us to make this heartfelt request of you: Come and 
join us for meditation in Fairfield, Iowa for this post-election period of 

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 Discourses at the Ammachi darshans in Detroit this week were a lot about 
making a connection of cultivating/gaining spiritual strength from spiritual 
practices along with compassionate humanitarianism, as you say.  Light in the 
body, feet on the ground. "Do the work."



 Yifuxero writes:

 Thx, the case of a connection between Transcendence and compassionate 
humanitarianism, perhaps can be undermined or even dismissed from a 
Neo-Advaitic viewpoint by saying that Transcendence alone does not imply any 
particular action.
 However, recent research coming from several areas does indeed bolster the 
connection between Transcendence (if done by enough people) and Global Peace.; 
but I must object to the idea that MMY made those connections.
 The new argument can be bolstered by merging 3  sources:  1. Sam Harris, 2. 
The polyvagal axis theory, and 3. the brain's production of Oxytocin, which is 
part of (2).
 First, from Neurophysiologist Harris:  (a reasoned hypothesis) That silent 
medication may lead to increased awareness which leads to Empathy for others 
(an ability to feel what others are feeling, in some way).  Finally, the 
increased ability to Empathize leads to what the Buddhists call Compassion 
(related to the love concept but slightly different).

 2. Second, the Polyvagal axis, already covered on this forum.  Thx Doug for 
introducing this to the forum..
 3. The measurement of Oxytocin output after the subject engages in various 
experimental activities.  Oxytocin is the body's "Love molecule".  For example, 
petting animals might stimulate hormone.  High up on the list of activities 
that generate an Oxy response is Compassionate meditation: (silent meditation 
coupled with a feeling of Compassion).
 Therefore the missing ingredient not emphasized by MMY to any great extent is 

 Shalom Aleichem

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 Yes, the Domes in Fairfield quite evidently are activating places spiritually 
too like these places are for an individual or collective.  There certainly is 
a reality to that. Like sitting in gathered Quaker meetings meditating In 
effect wages peace as place more profoundly founded in what is a silence of 
their spiritual processes. Waging Peace now given these agitated and divided 
times, the imperative seems to rise as we come to know more. This becomes like 
a duty.  Duty for those who know how to pursue and wage radical peace 
spiritually. To the call..to help,  


 Yifuxero writes:
 On the topic of group vs solitary meditation, having meditated in Charlie 
Lutes' group, the Shakti was quote powerful, but so was meditating alone in the 
SIMS initiation rooms.  But positively the MOST powerful Shakti site I've been 
in was the Ramakrishna Vedanta Temple in Hollywood, CA.

 Thx Jim, another great essay on your part that I agree with. I've come up with 
a hypothesis that moral values (as a set of ethics, a major branch of 
philosophy), can ultimately be derived from Game Theory.  Some of the results 
can be duplicated with a computer, but given the limited power of computers, we 
would have to speculate on an overall conclusion with large numbers of people..
 Take tribal behavior.  There's an optimum population which gives rise to a 
cohesive tribe (I believe it's approximately 150 people).  Too little, and the 
members can't come together to formulate (not consciously), game-theoretic 
rules which enhance tribal survival.  Division of labor for example. With too 
many people, the tribe may break off into sects that ultimately war against 
each other.  The more simplistic outcomes can be programmed using game theory, 
matching what we observe.

 On the topic of Transcendence, I've come up with a new Koan: "Before 
Enlightenment, an asshole chopping wood and carrying water.  After 
Enlightenment, as asshole chopping wood and carrying water".  Thijs doesn't 
apply to you.  I'm thinking of people like Adi Da, but that's a judgment on my 
 On the topic of group vs solitary meditation, having meditated in Charlie 
Lutes' group, the Shakti was quote powerful, but so was meditating alone in the 
SIMS initiation rooms.  But positively the MOST powerful Shakti site I've been 
in was the Ramakrishna Vedanta Temple in Hollywood, CA.

 Shalom Aleichem



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 Sent: Friday, November 18, 2016 11:42 AM
 Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: The Call to Spiritual Order,Rally Now to 
 Waging Peace.

 It is time for
 Waging Radical Peace, in groups meditating, this call now to meditation
 is like A Moral Equivalence of War.

 Paraphrased, what William James would say to meditators today:

 ..Meditators, this meditation against war is going to be no holiday excursion 
or camping party. The post-election feelings of division are too deeply 
grounded to abdicate their place until better ideals as substitutes are offered 
than the glory and shame that come to people and nations by politics and 
vicissitudes of trade and commerce in making war. 

 It is time, for
A Call to a (William James') Moral Equivalence of War: a radical modern 
peace-making in meditation.  

 Non-pacifists, James posits, are dismissive of the pacifist position because 
they imagine that in the absence of war and the inevitable subsequent 
atrophying of the military institution, the nation would dissolve into a 
porridge of decadent, feminine milquetoasts with no sense of noble sacrifice or 
ideals worth struggling for.

 By the positive virtues of war, James doesn’t mean the potential gains of 
military victory: vanquishing a threatening enemy, claiming the spoils, 
striking fear into other rivals, that sort of thing. He means the way war 
strengthens attributes of the individual characters of the people (that is to 
say: men) who take part in it — fortitude, endurance, courage, heartiness, and 
other such things — and of the civic character of the nations that go to war — 
pride, selfless collective effort, patriotic obedience, that sort of stuff.

 -  https://sniggle.net/TPL/index5.php?entry=06Mar11 


 .. Scott Ritter’s Waging Peace https://sniggle.net/TPL/index.php?entry=15Nov07 
 ..thought the peace movement ought to organize itself along military lines and 
get down to brass tacks.


---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 We are most grateful to all those who came answering the call and sat up in 
their meditations with us in Fairfield, Iowa. It has been our honor to have had 
those who traveled from distant places joining alongside us here in collective 
meditation in these times. -JaiGuruYou

 Those of you that have been going to the Domes recently will be aware that 
many of our friends from across the country have joined us here in Fairfield 
over the last week or so, and they have helped boost the overall attendance in 
evening program to over 750 people.

 If you aren't able to attend any of the official flying halls, please try to 
do group program together with friends in 2s, 3s, 4s, etc., whatever is 
convenient, and aim to start your yogic flying practice at the official CST 
times of 8:15 am and 5:45 pm.

 Jai Guru Dev

 Raja John Hagelin and the
 Ideal Community Group


 Bhairitu writes:

 I think Doug is lost in the nostalgia of early 1970s TM which ended when the 
"self appointed" purity gestapo returned from AofE courses.

On 11/16/2016 11:01 AM, upfronter mailto:upfron...@ymail.com [FairfieldLife] 

 Well, forgive this voicing of a different viewpoint, but this one's personal 
opinion is that one genuine disciplined meditator meditating regularly amongst 
100 non-meditators is more effective in society than 100 meditators meditating 
amongst themselves - although there is certainly a beneficial social family 
aspect which cannot be denied from similar association on such a deep level.

 Besides, I personally have a different spiritual philosophy to that expounded 
by Maharishi, one which differs in certain fundamental aspects, it would seem, 
one which touches both my heart and mind deeply in a manner that leaves no room 
for the grafting of branches from other trees.
 I’m not sure I could listen to too much coffee-shop conversation without 
suggesting the smelling of stronger coffee all round. 


 Jai Guru Dev.




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 FW: e-mail response, 

 Try to meditate in groups with a grateful heart. 
 Remember all that TM has given you- is giving you, the countless blessings, 
and return your gratitude to the source. 

 Gratitude and praise open a channel for support of nature to come to you.  
Listen to and read what Maharishi said about the Maharishi Effect. A full 
commitment by individuals who gather in groups is all that it takes.

 Future generations will be so grateful when they learn about you--what you did 
for them, this world, the future. And that includes the sacrifices you made 
moving to Fairfield remaining true to your convictions and to the tradition 
from which the knowledge came.  
 Jai Guru Dev,



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 Quite a few of my friends meditate, and some are teachers, but most of us live 
far from Fairfield, IA.

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