No friend, I do not belittle Maharishi or his achievements in any manner, 
rather do I hold reverent love for him and gratitude for his presence on Earth 
in a body of flesh, even though I disagree with some of his claims. It is not 
difficult to follow his chosen path and see in outline why he did what he did. 
I am wholly aware that if someone has climbed upon a ledge to safety then 
nobody ever has the right to make their way slippery so that they might fall 
back into the precipice, because the hand of an angel is always firmly offering 
an invisible rope upon which the climber has unknowingly been grasping to reach 
that ledge, and if that be so, then beware the one who topples another.
 However, I do not harbour, I hope, fatalist concepts in my make-up, as perhaps 
some others may do, and the point that I was making was that I believe it more 
important for the world to have a large number of people practising 
Transcendental Meditation than anything else that is associated with it through 
the drawing of aspects from the Vedic scriptures and attaching to them the 
Maharishi signature. 
 The technique developed by Maharishi of Transcendental Meditation is pure 
magic and it is unique because Maharishi developed it for the householder. As I 
said, I believe the world would be a far better place if Maharishi had recycled 
all resources without exception back into the promotion of the teaching of 
Transcendental Meditation and he had focussed all of his genius and efforts on 
the promotion of the teaching of Transcendental Meditation alone (and of course 
scope for the TM-Sidhi program but not necessarily in the manner it is held 
 I do not doubt that a being such as Maharishi could have in place upon this 
world today perhaps 56 million or even 106 million meditators if he had set his 
desire on this achievement alone, perhaps, for instance, through such actions 
as charging less to gain more meditators, increasing the percentage a TM 
teacher could claim, making the TM practice as completely separate from any 
ties with religion as possible (the deference to the disciplic succession is 
acceptable to many people as most people do have a sense of manners and 
respect), and so on. The sheer numbers of ‘ordinary’ people meditating in the 
community would in itself be certain to ‘normalise’ Transcendental Meditation 
to many others, and word of mouth, so to speak, would bring Transcendental 
Meditation to the level of a nice-to-have practice, if not essential, not only 
in homes but in many more educational establishments and other institutions 
than it is in today.



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 Maharishi being in  the relative was not perfect however he knew what he was 
doing and he had to do everything that he did even it didn't make sense to one 
person at one time or doesn't seem to make sense to you now. A lot of the stuff 
that I could not make sense of before has become clear to me now.

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