Only part of Mike's definition is correct. Most people confuse capitalism with free enterprise. Not many people are against free enterprise. It allows you to work for yourself. If the government puts hurdles in your way then it is good to remember you are part owner of the government and demand some change. You can fight city hall as I learned many, many years ago.

I doubt that Mike participates in capitalism. I have. I was a stockholder. I helped take a company public. That's a whole different ballgame than just free enterprise. Wall Street is also a gambling den.

Bill Gates was an accidental billionaire. If Gary Kildhall had decided meet with IBM who wanted to buy C/PM it might have been a different story.

Yes, the trend is toward small business. Look at the big box stores closing. And you've both Walmart and Amazon automating. I have a Walmart one mile away. Recently I needed a new refer water filter. They had it on the shelf for $45 but online for $32 but with this little note "pick it up today". So what you do is order online and they send you an email it is ready to pick up which it was in a couple hours. The clerk at the pickup station told me that Walmart wants to encourage ordering online so they give the better price there. Last year they listed a 55" 4K TV for $428. It was not to be found on the floor so I asked and the clerk told me to order online. I did and that afternoon was able to go over and pick up.

As for small business, our downtown is under mass remodeling and gentrification. Much of the deserted shops are being remodeled to accommodate two or three smaller shops. A pizza slice place recently opened targeted $5 lunches. Next door a frozen yogurt place has opened. Millennials have discovered this town as an affordable place to buy or rent. When I go to the park around the corner it is filled with millennial moms with their kids. Bad thing is the commute these people must do for work due to the narcissistic nature of the tech founders that like their kingdom under one roof when they could have satellite campuses (as the company I worked for in the 1990s had).

Biggest mess that many governments have gotten themselves into was offering pensions that pay in retirement what the worker had as a salary. Now tell me how that is supposed to work? It can't and now they're finding out. Pension benefits were never meant to be that large.

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The dirty secret I mentioned to my friend the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in my long conversation with him on my shuttle bus years ago before he was Primer, was "You have to be a millionaire to be a communist". There is so many details in the operation a service or production of something its impossible for government to organize effectively, the notion of an entrepreneur putting it all together for his own benefit is more efficient. But Bill Gates one of the wealthiest people in the world say iit is not efficient enough "we need government research to make the needed break through " Bill Gates has developed a more mature vision and I am proud of him. And I am proud of the many Millennials who want to buy fair trade goods , local food and all that. Mostly it seems when folks complain about the "capitalist system" they are complaining about the undharmic individuals causing some sort of disadvantage in there concerned society. Of course the Indian system of dharma helps society meets its needs through business, duty and charity, our health care system is in dire need of some dharma, we are evolving towards the natural dharma system of course. Who will lead the Yagyas?

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Oh I know the definition, and most don't have it right (as well as the definition of communism). I wanted to see how you define and I think I've corrected you several times. Are you actually a capitalist?

On 06/22/2017 07:25 PM, Mike Dixon mdixon.6569@... <mailto:mdixon.6569@...> [FairfieldLife] wrote:

    Capitalism is an economic system based on free enterprise,
    private ownership, investment, production and distribution of
    goods and services at market force pricing and competition.
    The term came about in the 1850's  or the beginning of the
    industrial revolution.
    But then you could have looked up the definition on- line.

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    Define capitalism and how long it has been around.

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    Fact:Capitalism has generated more wealth that is shared by more
    people than any other system on earth, at any time.
    Fact:Capitalism has raised the standard of living of more people
    on earth than any other economic system.
    So rich people are sociopaths, eh? Geeez, that doesn't sound
    BTW, what defines *rich*?
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    try to show the slightest shred of evidence for what you claim.
    On the contrary, capitalism rewards sociopaths, thats who gets rich.

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