Quieting, was a nice collective deep shakti there. Very nice.  

 .. the recent All Americas Group Meditation. Twenty-nine countries, from 
Argentina to Canada, and more than 18,000 individuals participated


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 Over 18,000 Meditators Join Our Nationwide Group Meditation!
 Dear Friends,
 We hope you were able to join us for the recent All Americas Group Meditation. 
Twenty-nine countries, from Argentina to Canada, and more than 18,000 
individuals participated on Sunday, June 25, at our TM® Centers. Additionally, 
many meditators who could not come to their local Center meditated from their 
homes or elsewhere, simultaneously.
 The power of group meditation
 Many reported very deep, powerful experiences that left them with a profound 
sense of happiness, inner peace, and revitalization.
 “The effects of this group consciousness were palpable and empowering. One 
could not help but feel inspired with the vision of a world connected through 
silence and inner peace.” — D.P., Katonah, NY “I could feel a powerful 
difference between the earlier meditation check and the Nationwide Group 
Meditation. It was demonstrably more powerful to have that vast connection 
nationwide and hemispherically!” — J.J., New Smyrna Beach, FL “I had the most 
powerful meditation I’ve had in months, which was a lovely bonus on top of an 
evening where we had the chance to meet some really great people, all the while 
basking in Maharishi’s knowledge. We were enriched.”— M.N., New Smyrna Beach, 
FL Join our next All Americas Group Meditation
 We’d like to thank all of you for joining us. And since so many have asked 
when we can do this again, our next All Americas Group Meditation will take 
place on September 24 at 5 pm Central Time. Please mark your calendars.
 Warm regards,
 Bob & Carol Markowitz
National Advanced Program Directors
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