The gospel account says that the magis came during the winter and Mary and 
Joseph came to the Bethlehem area for the census conducted by the Romans.  But 
an argument can be made that the Romans wouldn't have conducted the census 
during winter because the roads would have been dangerous and slick due to the 
snow.  So, the Romans would have conducted the census during spring when the 
roads are safer for people to travel.

 At that time, the occurrence of two exalted planets would have occurred in 
-2BCE--not the years before or after.  So, at 19:00:00 hours, the exalted 
Jupiter would have been in conjunction with the Moon directly above the sky of 
Bethlehem.  The exalted Sun would have been directly to the west which was 
during sunset.  When you tiangulate the directions of these planets, the points 
would have met at the location where the magis found Jesus in the town's 
manger, where animals were barned for the night.

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 The one that I'm referring to Claims that Jesus was born sometime in the 
spring around 2 or 3 BC. However, December 25 is when the magi found Christ. 
According to one of the Gospels, Jesus was a toddler, living in a house by 
then, not an infant.

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 I've seen one of these documentaries before.  Thanks.  Also, one of the 
jyotish forums here was discussing the birth of JC a  few weeks ago.  They were 
able to narrow down the events of JC's life to the the type of death he endured 
as seen from his horoscope, even to the type of ruler who put him to death at 
that time period.

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 See a documentary about the Bethlehem Star on youtube. The long version, about 
an hour, goes into great detail about the *heavenly signs*. 


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It all depends on the time you use for JC's birth.  Some Christians do not 
think he was born on December 25.  Some historians debate the actual birth year 
of JC.

 Personally, I think he was born in spring of -2 BCE.  Why?  Because the Romans 
would not have been foolish to take a census when it snowed in Jerusalem during 
winter.  Also, there were two exalted planets during that time, signifying the 
birth of a special human being in the world.

 Further, the star of Bethlehem referred to the cross pattern of the two 
exalted planets, Sun and Jupiter, over the town's horizon.   I believe that was 
the reason the magis, who were astrologers, were following the cross pattern 
over Palestine at that time.


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In addition,  Sarasvatii yoga (Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the same sign)! 





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