The "Throne of God" is an expression representing the Judaeo-Christian Deity 
YHVH, but also may include visions by Christians of the Throne of YHVH and 
Jesus. (it's a package deal apparently).
 Most of the Batgap people seem to believe they have reached a certain level 
(if we can use that word since Consciousness isn't a "level") of 
accomplishment, sufficiently notable and worthy of an appearance in Youtube 
accompanied by the sale of books describing their "accomplishment":.
 But I dont' see the point in going around saying "I'm Awakened" and then not 
showing much in the way of demonstrable Siddhis.  Few of the Batgap people can 
even come close to Master John Douglass in terms of psychic abilities.
 If the Batgap people are so great, I hereby challenge ANY of them to describe 
a "Throne of God" experience in which they leave their physical bodies and 
travel to the Judaeo-Christian realm, and then seeing right beform them, the 
Radiant Form of YAHWEH, (YHVH).
 The original source for the Throne of God experinces, is the prototypical 
description by Ezekiel, but the Midieval Kaballists also held the Throne of God 
experience in high esteem.
 Let's see if any of the Batgappers can describe having had such an experience.

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