I received this from a dear friend. The study to which Jimmy Sinton referred 
was not attached, but it reminds me of a smaller study of which I heard from 
shortly after the original Maharishi Gandharva-Veda Rain Raga first came out, I 
believe around 20 years ago. TM-Governor David Rosencranz (sp?) reportedly 
organized a smaller group of locals to play this Rain Raga when California's 
Carmel Valley was in a drought, and the drought was broken.

If anyone can find Jimmy’s study, would you please forward it to me?

Best wishes,

I received this email from our neighbor David Bordow.  Please read when you 
have a chance.

Dear Neighbors,

I received this email from Jimmy Sinton and decided, after watering my garden 
everyday in-between those elusive rainfalls, that any assistance in avoiding a 
drought and reducing my water bill might be prudent.

As Jimmy mentioned in his email, and I have also heard from people, we may be 
entering a serious drought period that could be the beginning of another mega 

Jimmy writes, “ …We have just learned about some awesome research done in South 
Africa using the rain raga. Over an area of approximately 500 square miles, 
rainfall increased by 800% above the average for that area, during a 6 week 
trial with 17 farmers playing the Rain Raga continuously in their barns. 
Scientists accept a variation of up to 300% as being explicable due to 
variations in rainfall patterns for this area, so this was 500% above anything 
that could have happened randomly. See Study document attached.

If you have a copy of the Rain Raga Melody on CD you can leave it on repeat 
play mode while you are out of your home–or just playing in a room at low 
volume if you are home.

If you do not have a CD, you can get it to repeat continuously on your computer 

Please play this whenever you can and help us to increase our precious 

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