I’ve already voted. Early voting began Friday at the Jefferson County Court 

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Dear Friends,

This is a personal note from me as a private citizen about this really 
important upcoming election on Tuesday, August 8.

I’m going to be voting for Phil Miller, and I urge you join me in voting for 
him, too

I had a long conversation with Phil on CAFO issues and a couple of additional 
discussions/emails as well. I also asked to speak with Travis Harris, but never 
heard back from his campaign.

Phil Miller understands and is sympathetic to the impacts of CAFOs. He's also 
making improving water quality one of his top priorities. That includes 
considering regulations if the voluntary approach isn’t doing the job.

Phil also supports:

• Local control: “I believe that locals know best and should be empowered to 
make the decisions they think are best for their community.” – Phil Miller

• Closing the LLC loophole that allows CAFO owners to skirt regulations:  
"Iowans should be good neighbors to each other and taking advantage of 
loopholes to benefit a few is not being a good neighbor. I would support 
legislation to close loopholes that allow LLCs to skirt the intent of the law.” 
– Phil Miller

• Strengthening the Master Matrix

• Increased funding for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources

And importantly, Phil has an open ear to organizations and people who care 
about the environment. 

Phil strikes me as a sincere, compassionate human being who will stand up for 
you and I and address the CAFO concerns that so many of us have. I’ve seen that 
compassion in action the times he has attended to my pets at the Vet Clinic. 
Without a doubt, we need more compassion up at the State House.

If you were as disheartened as I by what took place in Des Moines during the 
2017 legislative session, then please get out and vote on Tuesday August 8– or 
before - for Phil Miller. 

This is an important election and poll numbers are tight. We need EVERYONE to 
cast a vote if we want to retain the kind of representation that the late Curt 
Hanson stood for.

Thank you for considering this. Let’s get Phil Miller elected!


PS - There are two Millers on the ballot. If you join me in your choice at the 
polls, make sure you vote for PHIL Miller!


Diane Rosenberg
Fairfield, IA

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