Dr. Hagelin is one of the few people who in legality actually ‘owns’ ™ by 
virtue of being one of a very few Trustees at the top of the corporations that 
are ™ now  
 This becomes critical for critical mass here.  Ask him now to use every ounce 
of fiduciary responsibility and trust that he has to right this right now by 
joining a coalition of the other real trustee- scientists who are at the top 
and dictate a proper policy according to the evidence base of all that is 
science. It is time to push the faith-based ashram-ites out of the way of 
meditation program practice and lead past them.  Everything is at stake here 
right now. 

 Jai Guru Dev, 


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 Only 180 in the Dome meditating the other morning. 

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 189 yesterday morning and 208 the evening before in the men's Dome meditating. 
Women's Dome usually is less than the Men's tally. 

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 The divide asserting “They made promises” to keep people out of the Domes ‘is 
a made up maya’ about fealty in some conservative TB'er’s minds. 
 The TM tru-believers assert their discipline over others that: “They made 
promises..”  and want a punitive retributive discipline over old meditators 
using membership at the Dome meditation. 
 A common response In the old meditating movement community.. 
 “..The only promise I made was to go teach people to meditate as I learned to 
teach meditation from Maharishi and to not let money get in the way of anyone 
learning to meditate.”


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 "In the dome they got discouraged. The cohesion was destroyed by endless bar 
raising to the dome.  
 People were made to feel bad."  



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 People spoke to different aspects in the meditating community meeting at 
Phoenix Rising. Some people in the line at the open microphone spoke to the 
collapse of the Dome numbers in their experience saying things of regret that 
2,000 meditating together is way more than 200 to the effect.  Those particular 
policy problems related to the Dome numbers around the guidelines for Dome 
group meditation membership were not directly taken up or responded to at the 
Phoenix Rising meeting.  
 In the preliminary meetings leading up to the Phoenix Rising meeting it was 
summarily expressed that the leadership feels for the status quo, that people 
‘made promises’ and therefore should not be in the Domes for practicing other 
competing systems to MVS, and then it was qualified a little in the process of 
meeting to be more particularly around those who ‘work against’ the movement. 
Work in process.
 Also it seems there is a cultural disavowing inside that the ‘guidelines’ for 
being in the group meditation are neither punitive or disciplinary.  This needs 
a lot more conversation between factions. Leadership have not acknowledged that 
those being either studied and practiced in any astrology systems has anything 
to do with how people practice meditation. 
 That whole non-compete clause in the guidelines could stand to just be 
omitted. Invite those few who it effects freely back in to membership. That 
would be an important telegraph. 
 There is another preliminary working meeting tomorrow coming up on how to go 
forward with a communal process. 'Work in progress.'  


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 Were these examples (e.g., people doing their own jyotish) brought up in the 
Phoenix Rising meeting?
 Rick Archer
 Buddha at the Gas Pump
 https://batgap.com https://batgap.com
 r...@batgap.com mailto:r...@batgap.com
 Podcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/buddha-at-the-gas-pump/id602578156

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 Subject: [FairfieldLife] RE: Fairfield’s Crisis of Meditating Numbers in the 

 July 2017, no change in the ‘non-compete’ policies for Dome 
admission/membership.   Men’s Dome number was 193 a recent morning and 196 
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 E-mail responding to
 “Willing people not allowed in the Dome”..
 You know one of the very biggest issues now? That when someone is mistreated, 
they will not put it in an email. The admins and leadership needs emails now, 
for good reason. Otherwise it won't be believed, they have to have something in 
hand. It is not just fear of losing badge, it takes strength to deal with 
things like this, to write that email. I have been told dozens of times, 'No I 
won't send an email, I'm just going to let it go.' Then what can I do? 
 People have to be strong enough to lead the leaders.  
 Contact John Hagelin directly.
 Global Union of Scientists for Peace
 2000 Capital Boulevard
 Fairfield, IA 52556
 secretar...@gusp.org mailto:secretar...@gusp.org

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 Those guidelines of the ‘administrative state’ up there on campus and those 
Rajas who defend them have turned too many capable meditators out from the 
Domes. In the span of a few days after the communal meeting at Phoenix Rising I 
spoke separately with two long long time TM movement meditators who were 
administratively excluded from the Dome meditation for practicing jyotish 
astrology. Both exclaimed they would be there meditating if the guidelines were 
changed to omit the ‘non-compete clauses’ about people who practice jyotish, 
those guidelines that have nothing to do with their practice of ™.  A couple 
weeks ago there was a former MIU student back visiting who applying for a Dome 
badge the course office did an internet search about the person’s life, judged 
and told this person they would never be allowed in the Dome. Never? We need 
membership here and these people go out into the world and tell others what, 
about being excluded? 
 The narrative needs to change now. It is not enough to claim that things have 
changed when they have not. 

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 Maharishi once said that there will come a time when I’ll tell you to meditate 
on your own, but for now I want you do it in the domes.
 Rick Archer
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 Insist all those in stopatya veda homes and on campus meditating in different 
places get back to meditating in the domes...  May take some presentation by 
Travis of the science to actually point out the value of proximity.    
Regenerate the power of numbers and proximity in meditation. Facilitating 11 
different program locations and encouraging people to just meditate at home was 
a formula in specialness and loss of communal cohesion.


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 Meditating attendees at the men’s Dome had a relatively large 
 ​YOY (year over year) ​
 June of 26 
 ​fewer men​
 per Program than last year. 
 Attendees at mediation in the women’s Dome had a very very large drop of 79 
per Program, yoy.

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 The ending of the “grant” program funding.
 Old meditators cut loose as
 the ™ movement readies to
 outsource US Meditation to India.
 The international ™ movement is announcing it will shift its funding resources 
away from propping the Dome group meditation in Iowa over to pundit programs in 
 Winding down the “Grant” program..
 Financial support for the Invincible America Assembly had been coming in 
substantial amounts donated monthly by Drs. Howard and Mickey Settle. About two 
years ago, the International ™ Movement took over most, then all, of the IAA 
Grant funding, and has now announced it will step down its contributions 
beginning in September, to 22% of the $90,000/month it has been giving, by this 
coming November. 

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 The movement should get out of the business of monitoring people.
 Myth: People dropped off or were cut from the Grant because there was not 
enough funds, due to Howard Settle's business situation. 
 Truth: Not one person was dropped from the Grant due to reduction in Settle 
funds in 2013. Every single person who re-applied went back on the Grant. Julie 
Anne, who handled the Grant checks, told me this herself. But the 100 person 
drop overnight, and 350 or more after that reduction, was primarilybecause of 
dislike or disapproval of the 'monitoring' system, and, the way that Bryan Lee 
et al conducted the lengthy highly formal meeting to introduce the 'monitoring' 
system (I had warned him what 'monitoring' would do, and also what that type of 
meeting would do, but was disregarded). It crippled Movement family and 
community feeling, what was left of that. 
 The reduction in attendance began ONE YEAR BEFORE the Settle funds were 
reduced. In August of 2012. Soon as 'monitoring' started, after 17 nearly 
consecutive higher months, our attendance fell through the floor, and went down 
12 consecutive months PRIOR TO the Settle fund reduction (then continued 
falling for 39 months after that, until 2 months up for October Surprise (then 
down 3 months in a row since then.
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 ‘Fixing’ the grant $ program and its monitoring? 
 That seems like.. 'putting Lipstick on a pig’.  

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 The Administrative State of monitoring..
 The coloring of consciousness with fear by effect of meditation-monitoring in 
physical observation is antithetical to 'effortless meditation' in creating 
stress to the innocence of the practice.

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