Scrolling down through the planets to the prediction:

In sum, there is a lot going on with the planets during August and into 
September, reflecting an intensifying experience, especially in the U.S. which 
will experience a very rare total eclipse this month. The period is best 
approached as a time to look deeply inward, to stay still, centered, and 
even-tempered.  Even in the midst of uncertainty and chaos, find a calm, quiet 
space within yourself that is solid and wise.  Focus on that point, rather than 
respond to the outer discord surrounding the atmosphere at this time.  It’s not 
a beneficial time to try to argue your viewpoint, no matter the subject.  It 
may be a time of great change and realization in your life, and with letting go 
and redirection, a new pathway, and fresh perspective can offer a brighter 
future ahead. Take it slow this month and be observant.  

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 FW: Here's an interesting overview:

 Dr. David Goldstein



Scroll down and read the last paragraph. Get ready?  
 Being an old TM initiator I very naturally should also recommend having your 
meditation checked before that day. 


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 Totality, man.  

 I got a room booked.  

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 Map of areas covered by the eclipse: (covers NE U.S. through the SE).


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