(11070  - 1136), Cofounder and first Grand Master of the Knights Templar.
 After being crushed by the Papacy in league with certain collaborators in 
(basically) a land grab of the Templars property, the survivors went 
underground (sometimes literally) as Masons;; and through their efforts, many 
of the large European Cathedrals were built.
 This Movement evolved into the Freemasons, and they along with the Quakers, 
played a major role in establishing the basic principles of American life prior 
to the 19-th century.
 The first part of the 19-th century was in a state of flux with the likes of 
Andrew Jackson, with emphasis on Western US expansion.
 A major change gooke place in the middle of the 19-th century with the rise of 
Methodism, an import from England; which by the early 19-th century became 
increasingly Fundamentalist with overtones of S. Baptist ideology.
 In view of the widespread virtual takeover of much of the U.S. by religious 
Fundamentalists, it ppears that heroic people like David Lynch have their work 
cut out for them.


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