Chakrapani Ullal
 35 mins

 The August 21 SOLAR ECLIPSE passes directly over the continental United 
States, border to border which means the influence is strongest in the states. 
However, the eclipse influences life across the globe, to be sure. 
 The DOMAINS over which the SUN PRESIDES, astrologically are the areas of 
greatest vulnerability. As mentioned previously, one result is with regards to 
HEALTH - an eclipse can weaken the body for a period of up to 6 months, being 
especially problematic for those who are already have health complaints or are 
in a weakened state of body for any reason. An eclipse exploits weakness and 
incites confrontation and conflict.
 An eclipse has special significance for people in government, notably the 
AMERICAN PRESIDENT and those in his inner circle, but also heads of government 
around the world. Because the Sun presides over the "ruler" of any country, the 
eclipse signals a time of caution for those in power across the global 
community. This means concern for the health and safety of these individuals as 
well as the success of their respective undertakings. By the way, beyond 
TRUMP'S vulnerability as Head of State, his personal horoscope further 
underscores that this is not a good time for him. In Astrology, important 
themes are often echoed or restated in several ways as is the case here.
 The LUNAR ECLIPSE of August 7 ushered us into this problematic period which 
has brought the current NORTH KOREAN situation, and the tensions there will 
continue to mount. Existing problems on the world stage will be further 
aggravated; this is the nature of eclipses.
 Important to remember that an eclipse brings affects that do not necessarily 
appear immediately, but develop over the subsequent months. There is also the 
concern for NATURAL DISASTERS around and after the eclipse: climate related 
issues, earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, fire, etc. as well as the 
possibility for accidents. The solar eclipse brings with it the possibility for 
any of these events for 3-6 months (and even longer), but it does not say that 
it has to happen.
 As I've said during troublesome periods in the past - it serves no purpose to 
become overly concerned about things out of our control. It is a CAUTIONARY 
PERIOD so we take precautions and then continue out living our days in a 
natural way. Ultimately, God's will prevails; our part is to remain mindful. 

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