The real problem is direct experience is not a belief. 
A belief is an interpretation of experience, it is not the experience itself. 
Spiritual awakening in not about belief in what reality is, but a more direct 
apprehension of reality, outside the confines of the mind's discourse. 
The problem arises when experience must be expressed verbally. This creates a 
secondary reality in the mind and when the mind is ignorant, it takes that 
description as real.

When this happens enough times, you have the situation found in most spiritual 
movements where activity is performed entirely on the basis of verbal 
interpretations, and as most persons in spiritual movements tend to be seekers, 
not yet having found what they are looking for, most actions in the 
organizations are fractured along the lines of that ignorance.
You have to tread carefully among such people. If the built up inertia is just 
too heavy, it might be best to take your practice elsewhere and bypass them 
rather than try to "fix" the situation.
If you really want enlightenment (which is highest first), seek that first and 
foremost with diligence. Remember you have to discover what it really is, what 
other people say to you cannot replace your good judgement. If you do not 
develop good judgement and self reliance, you will be at their mercy, and they 
usually have none. 
If your world of experience is not peaceful first, you are relying on a false 
promise of peace. Being with like-minded seekers is helpful at times, but not 
necessary. Guru Dev spent most of his time away from others. That came out 
rather well for him.
The enlightened are not true believers. They are done with that. If the ship 
that is guiding you is not working out, maybe you are just stuck with a bunch 
of blind believers. Abandon ship. No need to worry, the ocean is all around for 
all to experience, there is no lack, nothing is hidden.

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It is time to cut through the Gordian knot of tru-believer conservatism. 

Contact Dr. Hagelin right now, share your concern that he work with the other 
scientists who are of the few Trustees who ‘own’ the movement to get to work 
directly on remediating so much of the damage that was previously done to our 
communal ship of state here in the years of the Patterson-Morris 

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It is time for the tru-believer faith-based religious of TM to relent.  They 
need to stand back,  hold back and ‘recuse’ themselves from the consideration 
now. They clearly cannot judge this.   

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Bound by a conservative TM faith ideology evidently our conservative 
tru-believers don’t even believe the implications of the science or else in the 
policy conversations they would get out of the way of more membership and more 
meditation in the Domes.

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It is time to start a new document guideline for membership. Keep to the simple 
and get rid of the old guidelines of what was the Patterson-Morris 
administrative state of ™.   Monitoring people’s lives the way they did it 
quite obviously was against natural law. 

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In this recent crisis of Dome numbers Bevan’s early solution was to charge fees 
for the Dome meditation as a reaction.  

How about first remediating the guidelines, re-articulating what we are about 
with the Domes and a campaign to increase numbers of people doing program in 
the Dome before you guys re-introduce fees and that having to come to get 
stickers, with all that visits to the course office entails of ‘validating’ 

Do some of this other work first to increase numbers of meditators coming to 
the Dome and then deal with a fee later. 

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Rolling out the Dome fees.. 

Inevitably there will be some drop off when a meditation fee gets 
re-instituted.  Do due- diligence before you roll out Dome fees.  Very little 
leadership had been done under the Patterson-Morris administration with 
interfacing in the larger meditating community to present the why and the what 
we are doing with the Domes.  Do your leadership work first before you taint 
everything in the discussion with fees now. 

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A better administration of the group meditation is needed right now to increase 
the membership of people meditating doing the program in the Domes.  Right now 
quite evidently this needs to happen.  

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This was a terrible state of administrative matters that let things get so bad 
with the numbers meditating there in the Domes and with the meditating 
community here. Emergency action needs to happen to make this meditation about 
expansion, to pull this out of nose dive. 
This needs some extra-ordinary leadership right now out in front. 

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Dr. Hagelin is one of the few people who in legality actually ‘owns’ ™ by 
virtue of being one of a very few Trustees at the top of the corporations that 
are ™ now  

This becomes critical for critical mass here.  Ask him now to use every ounce 
of fiduciary responsibility and trust that he has to right this right now by 
joining a coalition of the other real trustee- scientists who are at the top 
and dictate a proper policy according to the evidence base of all that is 
science. It is time to push the faith-based ashram-ites out of the way of 
meditation program practice and lead past them.  Everything is at stake here 
right now. 

Jai Guru Dev, 

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Only 180 in the Dome meditating the other morning.

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189 yesterday morning and 208 the evening before in the men's Dome 
meditating.Women's Dome usually is less than the Men's tally. 

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The divide asserting “They made promises” to keep people out of the Domes ‘is a 
made up maya’ about fealty in some conservative TB'er’s minds. 


The TM tru-believers assert their discipline over others that: “They made 
promises..”  and want a punitive retributive discipline over old meditators 
using membership at the Dome meditation. 

A common response In the old meditating movement community.. 

 “..The only promise I made was to go teach people to meditate as I learned to 
teach meditation from Maharishi and to not let money get in the way of anyone 
learning to meditate.”

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"In the dome they got discouraged. The cohesion was destroyed by endless bar 
raising to the dome.  

People were made to feel bad."  

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People spoke to different aspects in the meditating community meeting at 
Phoenix Rising. Some people in the line at the open microphone spoke to the 
collapse of the Dome numbers in their experience saying things of regret that 
2,000 meditating together is way more than 200 to the effect.  Those particular 
policy problems related to the Dome numbers around the guidelines for Dome 
group meditation membership were not directly taken up or responded to at the 
Phoenix Rising meeting.  

In the preliminary meetings leading up to the Phoenix Rising meeting it was 
summarily expressed that the leadership feels for the status quo, that people 
‘made promises’ and therefore should not be in the Domes for practicing other 
competing systems to MVS, and then it was qualified a little in the process of 
meeting to be more particularly around those who ‘work against’ the movement. 
Work in process.

Also it seems there is a cultural disavowing inside that the ‘guidelines’ for 
being in the group meditation are neither punitive or disciplinary.  This needs 
a lot more conversation between factions. Leadership have not acknowledged that 
those being either studied and practiced in any astrology systems has anything 
to do with how people practice meditation. 

That whole non-compete clause in the guidelines could stand to just be omitted. 
Invite those few who it effects freely back in to membership. That would be an 
important telegraph. 

There is another preliminary working meeting tomorrow coming up on how to go 
forward with a communal process. 'Work in progress.'  

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