There's a pastor in the Philippines who claims to be the Appointed Son of God. 
 Recently, he's claiming that he's inherited the ability of teleportation as 
described in the Gospels.   If he could claim this, he can just as easily 
proclaim that he can go Mars or the other exoplanets.


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 Right, but based on the evidence, not all Enlightened people can perform 
controlled out of body travel.
 Such travels can be categorized into two levels: (maybe more): 1. travels to 
actual places with the astral body, say to Mars.  This would be a horizontal 
type of travel.
 A vertical type of travel would be to higher dimensions.  
 Legitimate NDE's might fall into either or both categories.  First, the person 
in an astral body may float above the physical and pass through the walls, then 
seeing landscapes outside.
 Then, typically the person might see a tunnel then travel into a brilliant 
 btw, such travel would have to be instantaneous regardless of whether to "a 
place" such as Mars or to a higher dimension.
 The distance  between the Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 
million Light Years.  FTL travel would be the only way to get there, not 
subject to the ordinary physical limit of the speed of light.
 I hereby challenge ANY Batgapper to travel out of his/her body to the 
Andromeda Galaxy, find a planet with intelligent beings, then give a full 


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