Some simple guidelines for ECLIPSE DAY, tomorrow, August 21:
 In folklore from around the world there are references to avoiding FOOD, 
throwing out food prepared before or on eclipse day, etc. Presumably this 
reflects customs that evolved out of a concern for the elevated carbon dioxide 
content in the atmosphere during an eclipse. Generally you can say it is 
preferable to keep food intake minimal so that the digestive system is not too 
much engaged during this toxic period. It would be ideal to avoid a heavy meal 
tonight and to eat lighter on Monday. For those who are so inclined, they can 
choose to fast; drinking a lot of liquids is always a good idea.
 The eclipse has a direct effect on our overall HEALTH, strength, and vitality. 
Anyone who has a health challenge should be especially cautious tomorrow and in 
the days to follow. But everyone should consider taking it easy; do not 
unnecessarily tax yourself physically, mentally or emotionally. 
 Avoid starting NEW UNDERTAKINGS as they will not have the environmental 
support they would otherwise enjoy. However, if you have an unavoidable 
commitment simply undertake it carefully, looking to adapt to evolving or 
changing circumstances. Since it is not an ideal time, we basically want to be 
more alert. Do not worry if there is something you need to do -- just be more 
 If you want to observe the eclipse, be sure to wear proper EYE PROTECTION (not 
just regular sunglasses) and observe other safety precautions. I have included 
a link below from NASA that gives more information regarding viewing the 
eclipse. If you attend an eclipse event they often offer glasses; it appears 
that supplies are running low in stores. One way or another you do not want to 
put your eyes at risk.
 If you are in a position to do so, tomorrow is an ideal day to TAKE IT EASY, 
to reflect, to meditate or chant, or give expression to feelings of respect or 
devotion to whatever/whomever you believe in. The basic idea is to step back 
from one's daily responsibilities and reflect on your appreciation for the 
grandeur and mystery of life. How one might do this is a personal matter 
according to one's values and cultural/religious/philosophical orientation.
 Vedic astrology is always about becoming more conscious -- becoming more aware 
of the element of choice that is present in any given situation. Becoming more 
aware of the choices is made possible through foreknowledge -- what you do with 
it is your part in the play. The play carries on regardless. There will be an 
eclipse -- it will have certain effects, but that is not your focus because 
nothing can be done to alter the unfolding of the planetary influences -- only 
your response is at issue.
 The workings of the universe are out of view to our human understanding, but 
we can see that intelligence permeates all of life. The precision with which 
the heavenly bodies move demonstrates that, and the connection between their 
movements and human phenomena further underscores the marvelous, incredible 
nature of the interconnectedness of life. We are all in this together.
 Good luck and stay safe. 
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