Of course everyone should be outside!  Unbelievable.   
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 Live during the eclipse.. Txt msg.from the Dome:

 At about 9:20am the flower of the Dome meditating program got up and left, a 
lot of really powerful meditators exit-ed to go out anywhere on their own 
during the eclipse. It looked like a factory shift change with so many people 
leaving out the doors of the Dome. 



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 It is said,

Astrologically the moment of eclipse is powerful and saturates that degree of 
the zodiac with energy. The effects of the eclipse will reveal themselves 
during the following years as the energy dissipates.  
https://billsinclair.com/tse7-21-2017/ https://billsinclair.com/tse7-21-2017/ 


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 Behold the morning sun
 Begins its glorious way,
 It beams through all the nations run,
 And light and life convey.

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 FW:  With all love I will say that no one who knows this tradition would want 
to view any eclipse let alone a total solar eclipse that is a dire omen for 
this country.  Think of the source of all life and atma being eaten away and 
totally disappearing.  It is a spectacular view but negative energy on all 
subtle levels.  Watch the animals.  They go crazy during such an eclipse.


 We are told that we should bathe and fast starting two hours before the 
beginning of the eclipse (not just totality) and then be inside with curtains 
drawn meditating and chanting in this case solar mantras like Gayatri and 
Aditya Hrdayam or studying shastra etc.  Two hours after the eclipse, take 
another bath and you can eat.  All food turns to ama during an eclipse.  Any 
activity to manifest something should be avoided three days before and three 
days after a total eclipse like this.  And for the next six months on the day 
Moon is in Magha (the nakshatra polluted by this eclipse) no auspicious 
activity should be undertaken.  


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 Here in Fairfield the Domes are available to be indoors and inward during the 
eclipse for those meditators who have Dome badges.

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 The eclipse..
 On the east coast this is: 12:35 PM till 3:40PM
 Central Time it is from 11:35 AM to 2:40 PM
 Mountain Time it is 10:35 AM to 1:40 PM
 Pacific Time is between: 9:35AM and 12:40PM.

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  e-mail, FW:

 Hi Friends
 After some soul searching, I have decided that the trip to view the eclipse is 
not the best idea for me.

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 Ammachi satsang: While many will be out trying to get a glimpse of the 
eclipse, we are going to follow the Vedic Rishi's recommendation to use this 
special time that will amplify the power of our spiritual practices.  Our 
Sankalpa will be for peace in the world, and Amma has explained that when we 
pray and meditate in a group -- the effect increases exponentially.

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 Divert! Divert!  

 Come to Fairfield, Iowa and meditate during the eclipse.. 

 Come, humble sinner, in whose breast
 A thousand thoughts revolve,
 Come, with your guilt and fear oppressed,
 And make this last resolve.

 I’ll go to Fairfield, though my sin
 Hath like a mountain rose;
 I know it’s ways, I’ll enter in,
 Whatever may oppose.



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 Vedic astrologers warn not to view the maleficent dark-light of the eclipse on 
Monday the 21st of August 2017. 
Be advised to get and stay indoors 10 minutes before, during and after the 
eclipse times in your location.
 Engaging in deep meditation or prayer during the time of the eclipse is highly 
recommended. Additionally, it is suggested that we not eat or drink during this 

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 FW:  Be informed that potential negative influences activated by watching an 
eclipse can last more than 2.5 years.

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 Minority Transcendentalists traveling to Missouri? Missouri a Red state? 
 There is a travel advisory out now for minorities traveling to Missouri.
 Knowing the old history of persecution of minorities in Missouri, as a 
transcendentalist I should be concerned about travel there. 
 Needing roadside assistance?  I know meditators switching to Nebraska given 
the advisory for travel in Missouri.


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 AMMA’s guidance: main point again and again emphasized is that it is 
traditionally known in India by spiritual people that eclipses are excellent 
time for meditation. Not good time for puja and other ceremonies. 

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 A Shadow is a metaphor for fear. Fear is the loss of Unity, thinking we are 
separate from what happens in the world. Light is sucked out, blocked. This is 
for the ignorant. If "infinity is at every point," there is pure being 
everywhere, no shadows at all. You are trading in illusions. The Indian 
subcontinent has its own cultural superstitions. There are enough superstitions 
here, why import more of them?     srijau responding: this is "know-it-all" 
know nothing empty rhetoric. you live and operate in the world of duality. a 
watch is a superstition  according to a person who can't understand it by your 
 On Friday, August 18, 2017, 11:29:10 PM GMT, dhamiltony2k5@... [FairfieldLife] 
<FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


 Hear AMMA’s guidance on what to do before and during the upcoming solar 
eclipse on August 21, 2017    http://www.karunamayi.org/homepage/ 




Dixon writes:

 I'm Going Home




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 Spiritually, according to particulars in astrological charts travel to the 
eclipse clearly ist verboten.  

 I am staying inside and inward in Fairfield, Iowa for the eclipse. The 
configuration of the eclipse is particularly bad in one of our cases. Something 
about the sign of Leo transits, etc.  
 However simply out of an intuitive sympathy with this feeling I am going to 
stay indoors and meditating inward at the Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge in 
Fairfield, Iowa for the length of the eclipse. Jai Guru Dev 



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 I ain’t going.   Will not. Should not, won’t. 

While I have been inwardly ambivalent whilst having fun figuring out the 
details of travel down to Missouri to the eclipse we just had two big time 
astrology and jyotish people separately contact us about the eclipse and charts 
after their seeing the travel memo to Arrow Rock, Missouri below. 

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 I’ve a long time heard that the sun will be darkened,
 That the sun will be darkened in that day.
 Oh, sinner, where will you stand in that day?



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 The groups of Fairfield meditating Quakers and Fairfield folk artists are 
taking a picnic to Arrow Rock.   

Friends who are University staff are thinking of “staying home and being 
inward” on eclipse day. I expect them to ‘secretly’ show up counter to good 
jyotish advice in Arrow Rock for the incredible spread of food the meditating 
Quakers usually have after Meeting in meditation.

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 I cancelled room reservations today that I made for Liberty, Missouri north of 
Kansas City.  I made the reservations months ago but figure now that the 
interstate heading up to Totality from Kansas City is going to be a parking lot 
on Monday morning.  

 Arrow Rock looks like a better shot from Fairfield. 

 A solemn darkness veils the skies,
 A sudden trembling shakes the ground.



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 I've been listening to shortwave radio since I was around 10 years old, and 
one of my fave shortwave religious kook broadcasters is Brother Stair, the Last 
Day Prophet of God. His cult compound is in Canadys SC, just barely inside the 
path of totality. He's holding a special gathering for the eclipse.




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 Coincidence that the totality of the eclipse traverses the Bible-belt?
 Repent sinners! Some will be on their knees. Some in lotus. 


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 Right now, the weather forecast is calling for partly cloudy skies along the 
path of totality in Missouri. I'm gonna keep an eye on it and figure out where 
I'll drive to. The best bet is a 13 hour drive out to Casper WY, but I'm not up 
for that. I may drive 6 hours out to Nebraska if it'll make for clearer skies.

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 A whole slew of meditators from Fairfield, Iowa are going to be right on the 
line of Totality
 for the eclipse down at Arrow Rock, Missouri. 

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<dhamiltony2k5@... mailto:dhamiltony2k5@...> wrote :

 Om, a question: Would staying inside your car 'indoors' with the doors closed, 
count as okay?

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 JULY 31, 2017
 Points regarding the Solar Eclipse on August 21

 We have received several emails asking about recommendations from the 
Maharishi JyotishSMCouncil for appropriate activities during the upcoming solar 
eclipse on August 21.
 Recommendations from the Maharishi Jyotish Council
 1. It’s recommended to not begin important projects or special events on this 
day, as Nature will not be as supportive. The most life-supporting activities 
recommended during an eclipse are those which bring the attention inward. 

 2. It’s better to stay inside during the time that the eclipse is visible 
where you are. You can find out when that is by visiting 

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