The cosmic battle has been going on in one place or another, on one plane or 
another, for thousands of years. The election of T.Rump in this country is a 
wake-up call, in my opinion.  He has stirred the pot like no other could and we 
are all having to evaluate where we stand and what we stand for and how we 
stand in our relations towards others and the planet at large.  In this way, he 
is doing good.   

 However, how long he is needed to do this is up for review.  He is extremely 
unwell and seems to be heading towards a complete mental breakdown and 
meltdown.  I'm guessing he is going to take as many people as he can down with 
him.  I hope and pray he doesn't go completely off the rails and get us into a 
war, or worse.   

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 The news we're witnessing right now is similar to the vedic story of a 
terrifying monster that was conjured up by brahmins in a  yagya or vedic ritual 
gone awry.  It would require Indra, the king of the Gods, to get involved to 
slay this monster.  IOW,  the higher powers of Nature may have to get involved 
to dump Trump.  Do you want to see the cosmic battle to start in the USA?

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 Sure they can.  Maybe they will and maybe they won't, but they can.  

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 It's time for him to resign.  Members of Congress cannot let him continue 
until the next election.



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