--- tanhlnx <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Various contributors have alleged that they are
> qualified to judge TM
> on its merits without having practiced it. One could
> no better
> accomplish this hopeless task than render an
> evaluation on chocolate
> cake without eating it.
>  The fundamental reason for this is not the property
> of TM involving
> the no hard concentration, but instead allowing the
> mind to wander on
> it's own, someting that contrasts TM with a more
> fundamental type of
> traditional meditation; as well as close relatives
> to TM as found in
> Buddhist Traditions and Ananda Marga.  Such a
> comparison of TM with
> other techniques would be incomplete if restricted
> to this property
> alone.  
>  The most important ingredient is the POWER in the
> mantra, something
> that can be evaluated and compared to other
> techniques only with
> direct initiation.
>   My TM mantra definitely has power in it; but my
> initiation by one of
> the Ramakrishna monks at the Vedanta Temple in
> Hollywood (1976)
> provided a mantra with no discernable power in it.
>   Likewise, various mantras chanted in Muktananda's
> group generated
> some power, but still inferior to TM (as well as his
> silent mantra
> technique based on Om Namah Shivaya.)  Nope, not
> much power
> there...and I spent an appreciable amount of time in
> the presence of
> Swami Muktananda..
>   I've also been initiated by official representives
> of Guru Maharaji
> (1970), Kirpal Singh, Charan Singh, Thakur Singh,
> and Darshan Singh;
> (1974-1976).  Nope, no power in those mantras.
>  Also in 1970 I was initiated by a representative of
> the Eckankar
> founder, Paul Twitchell.  No power in that mantra.
>   So, fellow (you know who you are)....there's NO
> substitute for
> direct experience!...So...before you say your
> Buddhist Guru's
> teachings are superior to TM, the only way you can
> assert this with
> any validity is to get initiated into TM and do the
> coke/pepsi test
> for yourself.
>  Do this and report back on the results.
> Without such direct experience, your're a
> speculator, not a scientist,
> and your conclusions are half-baked hypotheses
> devoid of fact.

And he steals childrens'candy too! Buddhist bastard!

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