Iowa isn't exempt.  

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 A real estate investor visiting Fairfield, Iowa this week observes that 
investing in Fairfield on a five year horizon would likely pay dividend given 
the frequency of super-storms and evidently rising sea-levels. That, a lot of 
people are going to be looking for nice places to live.  


 Come meditate now with the meditating community in Fairfield, Iowa.

 There are rentals in Fairfield, Iowa
 on AirBnB.


 Respite:  a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or 

 For meditators, meditate along with other meditators in Fairfield, Iowa. 
 There are several group meditations in Fairfield to attend. Also meetings 
 to attend with other meditators. 
 Fairfield, Iowa is a fabulous place for spiritual respite, renewal. 

 Also to learn to meditate..



 An Iowa retreat offers a place of peace to Texans fleeing hurricane damage.

 A place for meditators, 



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 Invitation for weather Respite is extended to Californians too. 

 Southern California’s heat wave should peak by Friday. But in Northern 
California, triple-digit temperatures are expected to continue through the 
Labor Day weekend. That’s worrisome because there are already more than a dozen 
wildfires burning in the Sierra Nevada, and smoke is settling in the populated 
valley below.
 Record heat, lightning, fires, intense rain: California's extreme weather gets 




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