We all have seen it on TV, if not in person:  The congregation is whipped up 
into an feverish state of emotional frenzy by fiery lectures (sometimes 
beginning low but then ending in a crescendo of emotions).  By that time the 
congregants are waving their arms, some falling on the floor, others in a state 
of ecstasy.  The final stage is the "Altar Call", where people are called upon 
to make their decisions for Christ and come to the front. At this point the 
Pastor may gently press the forehead of the person in line, who then falls to 
the floor, having been "Slain in the Holy Spirit".  
 Naturally, the Pastor counts the number of participants.
 This is the state of countless Protestant Churches in the U.S, of many 
separate Sects.  The trend originated by Charles G. Finney (died in 1875).,  
 As pointed out by many Finney detractors suspicious of such emotional outburst 
(descendants of the early Calvinists), the so-called "conversions" of such 
people didn't last long, with many descending into their former sinful ways.



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