If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.  -Lao-Tzu 

 Most of us migrated to be part of something larger.  Yes, there is a 
Management problem here in that our leadership is not leading with mission 
first. As old initiators we always taught the importance of meditating in 
groups and now we know so much more science about this than before.  

 There needs to be visible leadership from the podium on down with focus on 
facilitating the mission of group meditation. It has gone on too long here 
without effective leadership. 

 Held on to at upper levels is profound confusion conflating administrative 
policy with ‘purity of the teaching’,  conflating an equivalence that gets in 
the way of success.  Effortless meditation is the purity of the teaching. 
Administrative policy at its best is about implementation of effortless 
meditation as the teaching. Policy is about facilitating.  An entrenched 
problem is that we have embedded tru-believers as some leaders and 
administrative apparatchiks who assert that, “..if Maharishi said it, it 
(policy) can’t be changed”.  

 A chance we have for expanding the group practice of meditation possibly is 
with the two real PhD Drs. at the very top of the movement who are top Western 
trained scientists as well as devotees.  Possibly unbiased scientific ways 
could look at the data that we have collated about the collapse of the Dome 
meditation numbers.  It is good data and illustrates what was the 
administrative state of the Patterson-Morris era.

 Look at the data but then act on making policy changes towards once again 
facilitating the meditation here.  Maharishi made and changed policy all the 
time based on what was brought to him.  It is time for this ‘post-founder’ 
‘first generation’ leadership to review founding missions and mitigate policy 
toward better outcomes.


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 Traveling, Hagelin might not be there?


 John Hagelin is what we have now as both conduit and father-figure for the 
community as to his level where direction and policy is made.  In 
re-constituting the meditating community it is real important that he be at 
these meetings listening and to confer.  
 It is great that Tom as a Trustee is facilitating this but it is particularly 
important that Hagelin be a presence at these meetings.  Bevan has been set 
aside, Tony Nader for reasons is not available. For the continuance (and 
expansion) of the meditative community here it is important that Dr. Hagelin 
now be a presence here.

 E-mail in chain response:

 Out of town..  H is not as interested in admin of the community, he is focused 
paramount on paying the bills and in giving talks and holding talking events 
like the Ukraine peace conference.

 Maharishi really wanted Dr. JH 'out there' in the public eye getting the word 
out. That is where he shines. He is focused on paying the bills, and project 
like the IAA, Kiev, the teaching movement, the university and school,  holding 
many things together. Not so occupied w hands on admin and policy. JH doesn't 
mainly create policy much anyway, or take much in the way of direct initiative 
that way. Those around him take initiative and get him involved. He listens 
well, to a) those around him, and b) general public opinion, and reads those 
opinions and does what he feels is correct and advantageous. Not that he has no 
opinions, he does, 


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 Community Meeting Tonite.. 19 Sept 2017

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 A Call to activist FF communitarians..
 A FF Communal Forum, Tues. Nite

 A second meeting at Phoenix Rising to consider an exploration of work that 
could be done and projects ongoing towards facilitating the welfare and 
wellbeing of the area community.  

 Tuesday evening at Phoenix Rising 7:45pm,  a moderated meeting to showcase 
short Ted-style presentations of ongoing projects of what people are doing in 
community and also a moderated open mic for people to speak to their work in 
community. A look at employment, housing, access to healthcare, schools, food 
security, eldercare, and more in the town and county area community. 
 Jobs, housing, healthcare, schools, food security, eldercare, community. 

 Phoenix Rising
 207 W. Burlington
 Fairfield, Iowa
 (NE corner of Burlington and 3rd) 


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 Gen-X and Millennial-Gen members of the community make it clear they are not 
going to just ‘meet and talk’ any longer unless it is to be with Hagelin where 
meditating community policy could be re-adapted and made.  

 Show there is access to the level of the movement community where policy 
decisions can get made. Access needs to be obvious or effective people will not 
come with it.  

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 Try to have Hagelin come again and also start to set up processes that can 
interact directly with him. That would telegraph a sincere interest to 
collaborate in the work from the upper levels of the movement. 

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 Running a social movement like running a large corporate or a civic community 
organization takes deft active methodical clarity in leadership skillsets of 
cheerleading. It is time now for our leadership to be available visibly 
distilling vision and sharing mission. 

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 People can be knit together in large movement with clarity of mission and 
clear placement in organization.  Leadership clarity is what allows people to 
‘throw in’, join, and ‘buy-in’.  Hagelin and our present ‘first generation’ 
leadership must be very visible and present to all levels in going forward now 
in remediating so much of what has been done before to the community of ™ here. 

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 A most interesting moment at the Phoenix Rising meeting was to see how many in 
the audience raised their hands identified in their having been at the Amherst 
course when it was first asked that meditators move to Fairfield.  Those were 
not just pioneers heading West for land but radical Transcendentalists, coming 
forward like in the great European spiritual resettlements to America of 
transcendentalist separatists and of our American transcendentalist tradition. 

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 Leadership availability with vision and mission,  
FW: Leadership would need to do more public meetings to listen with people. 
Work with people here to collaborate as to how are we going to go forward as a 
community.  Not an ‘us leading’ but what do ‘we’ want this to look like in 20 
years.  Their movement had become tired, old and boring. 

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 This last year a surprising number of meditators who are retired with 
resources sold their houses and moved away. 
 A community can not afford this to happen where people move away with their 


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 In the meagre Dome meditation numbers an alarming trend is a number of retired 
people of the old Fairfield meditating community with inherited or earned 
resources who have sold their houses and moved away with their checkbooks. 
 And some long time movement meditators recently moving/retiring to Fairfield 
with retirement resources and then moving out and selling their Fairfield house 
because the Dome/movement community experience was so stale. 


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 from e-mail: My overall feeling is that the log jam at TM if released will 
free an enormous good to the world, to this country, and to individuals.


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 Hagelin is pretty sensible about facts and data and policy in steering this. 
The communities of the institutions are a lot of work in (human) process. I 
wish him well and the best of fortune for all of us in this.  

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 The deal now is that no one at the top of the org can rule simply by decree. 
Bevan was de-fanged by moving him over. The ™ movement now after Maharishi is 
something of 'democratic-corporate' ruled by boards of trustees, the equivalent 
of executive VP’s (Raja?) and then a class of powerful administrative 
 Maharishi did not leave a guru behind him.  Anyone in leadership has to bring 
people who are around them along on policy. There are people and coalitions at 
all levels with different feelings and interests in all of this. In a spectrum 
of formed values (culture) it is sort of like you have tru-believer devotee or 
faith-based types who fundamentally are not wont to change anything bound by a 
fear of losing 'the purity of the teaching' and then effective practitioners 
who hope to have things work out for good reasons and there are folks in the 
scale in flux in between.  And, they all now are constrained very much more by 
the reality of budgets and numbers and performance.  


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 Thanks, this is an interesting note to the problems at hand in meditating 
Fairfield, Iowa.  I feel a similar way about publishing the admin guidelines 
for people being in the Domes. The guidelines ought to be on a web page where 
they can be read. It is an opportunity to be clear about our mission that way. 
One would think that if they can’t be shared then something must be wrong with 
 But there is a cautious element at the upper levels who have some PTS around 
sharing anything for fear that ‘negative people’ will use any information given 
out against the movement. This is an old wound that makes some immobile on 
opening financials or the guidelines.  Certainly there are people and some 
groups out there who actively work against TM. 
 Though in orgs that I have been where opaque numbers and processes get opened 
and shared then everyone looks at them and sees what needs to be done with a 
whole lot better effectiveness and feeling about things. 
 To go forwards the narrative actively needs to be changed around TM on these 
things. That is always my recommend to the powers that Be on this. I’ll forward 
this thread for their review too. FFL is always useful this way.  


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 From E-mail: Doug,  It appears, from the video Hagelin made for the national 
group meditation in which he mentioned repeatedly that you were sitting right 
in front of him, that you have his ear.

 I suggest you remind him that he supported objective and open standards for 
inclusion in presidential debates during his NLP years. In the same way, the 
Sidha community should be subject to objective and open standards with respect 
to inclusion in the dome, and anyone who is denied access should have an 
appeals process available.


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 Community Justice Panels (RJP’s) in Action
 However, they differ from other restorative practice in that they are 
generally wholly staffed by community volunteers.

 A 'Local' Response to Community Problems? A Critique of Community Justice 
Panels A key characteristic of the CJP process itself is that all participants 
are given the opportunity to speak about the incident, how it occurred, the 
impact as well as the consequences that it has had.
 Usually the offender speaks first so that the circumstances around the 
incident can be heard. The victim is then able to share his/her experience, to 
ask the offender questions and suggest ways in which the harm could be 
repaired. At the end of the meeting an agreement is drawn up, with all parties 
having a say in the content,
 which outlines the activities the offender is required to carry out and the 
timeframe in which it needs to be completed. 
 Activities may include a direct gesture such as mending broken property, 
providing financial recompense, writing a letter of apology to the 
victim,staying away from a particular area/person, or an indirect gesture such 
as community

 Fourth, the term community tends to conjure up positive images of support and 
care and something that needs to be recovered to repair the moral fabric of 
society. However, this rosy view of what community offers and what it can 
achieve often glosses over the potential negative attitudes and responses that 
communities may harbour and a lack of contact and knowledge between individuals 
who make up those communities. Certainly in larger cities and towns this 
becomes more problematic as community membership is often more transient and 
diverse. Even where communities are smaller and may have more developed links 
such as within Aboriginal communities, problems still arise. Dickson-Gilmore 
and La Prairie (2005) and VALS (2004) highlight that many young people within 
these communities have often experienced sexual and physical violence at the 
hands ofcare givers and older community members, so relying on and involving 
these individuals may undermine the perceived legitimacy and thus impact of the 




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 To help increase acceptance of the meditating community in Fairfield to the 
Dome meditation, could we open an emergency edit of the National Guidelines for 
group meditations and the Domes and strike those 'non-compete' clauses around 
people practicing or promoting other systems of non-Maharishi 

 An edit was done previously around the exclusion of people teaching 
non-Maharishi Yoga.  This month now let us strike the non-compete language and 
stop holding the ‘Dome Badge’ over a meditating community as a primary means to 
discipling a workforce (the re-certs) otherwise.  Put the disciplining of 
movement employees otherwise over to human resource people or the legal 
department.  The blanket ‘non-compete' clauses using the Dome badge as a 
preferred weapon to interface with the community are needlessly antagonizing to 
the larger mission of our having a substantial communal group meditation in 

 Right now let us move at least on letting/inviting our avid jyotish 
practicing/promoting alumni of the movement back in the Dome with the rest of 
us who would practice ™ and the ™-Sidhis there. 

 This would be a major telegraph to the community that something has changed.


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 Coffee haus satsanga notes: 

 The meditating community here needs acknowledgment, appreciation, gratitude, 
and sympathy.  Don’t just feed the mind with ‘knowledge’ meetings.  Meditators 
here also go to saints there because they feel better there. The ‘feel good’ 
was lost in the TM community because of the virulent TM culture of demeaning,  
patronizing, shady dealings. 



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 For those on fixed incomes.. offer MVVTechnologies and Punchakarma at an 
affordable price.. when most are on social security at $900 or so month, if 
that… there is no discretionary income left over..  It certainly is bad Karma 
to let our brothers and sister die early.. or get sick.



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 Notes from the meditating FF Cafe Satsanga:

 "You need a lot more smaller working meetings with conscious people of the 
community. Not more big top-down podium table meetings.

 People who are active in life here are not going to come to a top-down podium 
meeting where the microphone is open in the way that happens in Fairfield 
meditating public meetings that reinforce a top-down patriarchy.  That is tired 
and boring and people who are about life are not going to go there." 


 "They are terrified about losing control of some vedic idea."  
 "Meditators effectively making life in Fairfield are about their business and 
lives and less likely to show up at a meeting with people who do not have 
personal filters.  They (leadership) should meet with people here who are about 
it doing community life."  

 "The movement has long shut the door on being included in the broader sense 
into a dynamic inclusive community that is meditating Fairfield.  The people 
who are making community happen were out of town that week visiting Ammachi.  
The admin will make their conclusions about what is not in their own minds from 

"..It is not about ™, we all grew up here and made lives.  The campus is 
tangential to life in Fairfield." 

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 FW:  Wake things up, open a starbucks outside the dome in the am.. 

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 Increasing Means of support: 

 FW:  Buy on Amazon, Ebay = Donate to the Meditation Assembly


 An average of 5% of any purchase on Amazon, Ebay, and 250 other online stores 
will go the Invincible America meditation Assembly if you go to the following 
website (brightFutureNews.com) and click the green bar in order to go to the 
store you want:

 https://brightfuturenews.com/s hops?a=cipek 



 https://brightfuturenews.com/m embers?a=cipek 


 If you  ​sign up to become a member via that link​
, you can send your own link to others, and will receive about half of the 
approximate 5% of every purchase your friends generate with their purchases. 
The other half of that approximately 5% will go to the IAA general fund. 

 Thank you very very much for helping move the Invincible America Assembly 
forward to create a bright future for us all. 




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 FW: Start a Fairfield outreach program to get people here meditating again. 
Through course offerings and incentives to stay here like free or almost free 
continuing ed courses and university courses.. My old college still offers that 
to Alums..besides getting free box seats at the Cleveland orchestra.. yesss.... 

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 from e-mail:
 BTW Dr. Nader told me that he would consider a course in fairfield at a cheap 
 ..suggest a big course , with Dr. Nader giving out to us all, over period of 2 
or 3 weeks daily in the dome his course or part of it before or after we do 
tm..etc.. Along with that.. or after a big course of us tsr invite others of 
our celebs promoting superradience.  Is it still impt. .??

---In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, <dhamiltony...@yahoo.com> wrote :

 Invite tsr and alumni retirees to help on projects.. this brings people 
together for a common cause..


 feste37 wrote:
 am so glad there is hope!  
 Actually, the meeting in Phoenix Hall was quite good. I assume you did not go. 
 Salsunshineiniowa: No, I didn’t even know about it.  Supposedly there were 
flyers up all over, but I guess not where I shop.
 There was scarcely a necktie in sight, and only a few Jai Guru Devs (which I 
suspect drive you crazy) were uttered.
 Hagelin even admitted that when he took over leadership of the movement, it 
was a "mess" regarding TM instruction. The fe

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