Despite this obsessive focus on what to eat, Americans are fatter and in many 
ways, unhealthier than ever before[1]. In 2016, two-thirds of the adult 
population were considered overweight or obese, according to a U.S. Dept. of 
Health and Human Services study[2]. This health epidemic spans ethnic and 
cultural boundaries, and is affecting more adults and children every year.One 
factor that is contributing to America’s growing problem with weight is our 
obsession with sugar. You probably don’t need to see the results of a clinical 
study to believe that the more sugary calories you consume, the greater your 
risks of obesity[3]. What you may not know, is that what passes for sugar these 
days is actually a hyper-sweetened extract of one of the cheapest, most 
heavily-sprayed, GMO-pervasive crops on the planet....

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