John, I beg to differ.  Kim Jong Un has been the leader of his country far 
longer than Trump has ours.  Kim has been dealing with international relations 
far longer than the 6 months that T.Rump has been on stage.   

 T.Rump is the real beginner here and he has absolutely no idea of East Asia, 
it's history, it's culture, it's way of communicating, etc.  and knows nothing 
about any of the powers he has to contend with.  T.Rumps words are inflammatory 
and dangerous.  I think he should shut up and let the sanctions play out and 
listen to the advice of others.  I'm guessing the rest of East Asia would 
appreciate that.  You'll note that he backtracked a bit—as long as both T.Rump 
and Kim Jong Un are able to save face, perhaps this will resolve through 

 I don't think that any of us should be so bold as to suggest that T.Rump is 
saying what he is because he has dedicated his distracted brain to rational 
considerations.  Nor do I think we can suppose how long Kim will be around.   

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 We're actually witnessing a high powered international chess game between  
beginner and seasoned veteran chess player.   The beginner is obviously Kim 
Jong Un.  He doesn't know how to play the game and is unaware of the strategies 
of the game and is clueless as to the various ranks of the  various pieces in 
the game in order to win.  He's thinking the game is between he and Trump, 
ignoring the other pieces that are involved to win.  As of date, he has ignored 
the support and counsel of other nations and economic powers in Asia or the 
rest of the world to win the game.

 This is the reason  why Trump is saying that Kim will not be around for much 
longer due to the tremendous  economic powers he is going against, not to 
mention the powers of Nature that uphold life here on earth.

 On the other hand, Trump is no grand master at this game.  But at least he 
knows the various powers he has contend with in order to win the game.  For 
this reason, I believe Kim Jong Un will only be the "rocket man" for a short 
time in world affairs.  He will ultimately be a target of assassination by his 
own people or various countries surrounding N Korea, not to mention the 
American special forces who are willing to take Kim out, much like Osama bin 
Laden in Pakistan.




 Trump has a reptilian brain.  He isn't "playing" anything and he has no 
strategy.  His MO is simple and he does the same thing with every situation.  
Easy peasy to figure and predict.  Kim Jong Un is not tethered to any reality 
we are familiar with and T.Rump's escalation should be denounced by our 
representatives as crazy talk, plain and simple.  

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 I think Trump is playing high stakes poker with Kim Jong Un.  He wants to know 
if Kim will blink when US nuclear missiles are aimed at him.  If Kim cowers 
down, Trump will take advantage of it one way or another.  Kim doesn't know it, 
but he's being manipulated by the master salesman.





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