An Invitation to the Women Sidhas of our Community
(Note to all men receiving this announcement: Please encourage the 
participation of the women Sidhas that you know. Thank you!)
Dear Friends,
When Maharishi said, in the 1960's, "I will fill the world with love and create 
Heaven on Earth," he reminded us of the mechanics by which life on Earth can be 
transformed, and he gave us the means to activate those mechanics through the 
group dynamics of our TM-Sidhi program. Love is nothing other than the unifying 
force of Natural Law, and it resides in such natural fullness in the hearts of 
‘mothers’. Whether we are mothers in the sense that we have our own children, 
or we are mothers in the sense that we are looking after the welfare of all 
those around us, or we are mothers in the sense that we nourish the nation and 
the world every time we sit to do our program, we are instruments in the Hands 
of the Divine through which the nourishing power of the force of evolution 
flows to the world in the quality of mother. 
I am writing to you with the hope that together, as the ‘mothers’ of our 
community, we can re-enliven our collective practice of Super Radiance in a 
practical, comfortable and consistently ‘doable’ way, such that we can fulfill 
our original intention to create an influence powerful enough to change the 
world.  As we look at the state of our nation and the world, we are reminded 
that Maharishi told us that if we didn’t maintain our numbers, the transition 
to a better time could be rough. The polarization of our politics, the recent 
barrage of storms and hurricanes, and the looming threat of North Korea and 
terrorism, is all enough to prove that point.  And even more close to home is 
our own sense that time is precious and there is still so much that each one of 
us would like to accomplish. Whatever it is that we all hope for in this life, 
we can make it happen more easily with the collective support that is created 
by Super Radiance.
I invite everyone to join myself and Dr. Linda Birx, and so many of our 
dedicated women Sidhas, in the Ladies Dome on Victory Day, this Saturday, 
September 30th at 3:00. Come and think with us about how we can maximize group 
program attendance and fulfill the very purpose of our Sidha community.
Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday
Jai Guru Dev
Raj Rajeshwari Candace Badgett
Quotes from Maharishi regarding the need for group program:
1) "Now I do want to emphasize the need for group program very much, because 
the situation in the world is such that it needs urgent purification of the 
whole atmosphere... Nobody may remind you of the importance of group 
meditation... It is enough that I have brought this to your attention once in a 
lifetime. Follow it through your life. You will be doing such a great service 
to the whole world which cannot be rendered in any other way."
2) On the importance of group program: "This knowledge alone will save the 
world. If you knew how important it was you would do nothing else."
3) "Government is not an independent entity. It depends on the collective 
consciousness of the nation. Government is silently governed by the collective 
consciousness of the people. A strong influence of coherence in collective 
consciousness is the only hope."

Jai Guru Dev

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