“ ..from that moment on he had changed.”
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 “When we were traveling around India teaching TM way back when.  We were in 
Madhya Pradesh where Maharishi was born and raised.  In a nearby town, Satna, 
we gave a lecture to a group of lawyers.  At the end of the lecture one of them 
came up and said he used to be the Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh and invited 
us to his office to talk. 
 When we got there and sat down, there was a huge picture of Guru Dev on a desk 
on one wall.  It must have been 4 or 5 feet tall.  
 This gentleman said he used to be a disciple of Swami Brahmananda (that's what 
he called him).  He said that at one lecture a man got up and asked Swami 
Brahmananda if he would touch him.  Swami Brahmananda chuckled a bit and asked 
him why he had asked.  The man said that he heard that Swami Vivekananda told 
the story of how Ramakrishna had touched him once and from that moment on his 
life was changed.  So, the man said, would you touch me?
 Swami Brahmananda said something to the effect that to have the experience of 
a Vivekananda you had to have the body of a Vivekananda, and made some 
reference to Mahesh (what he called Maharishi) who was in the back doing 
various things at the back of the hall doing things. 
 He said he didn't think a thing of it until many years later after Guru Dev 
had passed and Maharishi had come out and started to lecture.  He said 
Maharishi came through the town and met with him and told him that Guru Dev had 
passed away right in his arms and that something had gone into him and from 
that moment on he had changed. 
 Immediately the lawyer said that Swami Brahmananda's answer to that man had 
come to mind.
 He also said that many years later he had had the same experience when he 
heard of Maharishi's World Plan.   He said Swami Brahmananda had always talked 
about bringing this knowledge to the whole world, but the lawyer said he never 
took it for a real possibility because how could it be possible for Swami 
Brahmananda to reach the whole world when he was just moving around India and 
giving talks, how was that going to reach the whole world?  And when he heard 
of the World Plan, it clicked into place. 


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