Thx, I read the e-book, basically a propaganda pitch for the TM and TMSP.  
 The first 1/2 of the book covers the concept of interconnectedness along with 
some prior historical contributions such as Spinoza.
 This topic was covered long ago in much greater detail by physicist Dr. David 
Bohm and other physicists suzh as Zukav. Bohm came up with the expression 
"Implicate Order" for the Unitary field underlying all apparently separate 
objects, but especially people since the theme during the 70's was that if one 
could tap into this Field, all sorts of Siddhis would follow in their 
 Unfortunately, the bottom line is the results. levitation from the 
TM practioners, but St. Thomas Aquinas could levitate, so he knew more than 
Hagelin, it seems.
 Obviously TM has positive benefits when it comes to brain wave coherence but 
that's not enough to produce Siddhis.
 In short, the TM people fail us once again, especially in light of recent 
disasters and Vegas.  So much for butt bouncing.


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