Thx, excellent lecture!
 The ontological ground state as MMY states is the Self.  However, the ground 
state in physics Is something relative, the zero point energy state.
 There's no known connection between the Self and the ground state as described 
in physics.
 If there is such a connection, let's see the references outside of MMY and MUM.
 The ground state of a quantum mechanical system is its lowest-energy state; the energy of the ground state 
is known as the zero-point energy of the system. An excited state is any state with energy greater 
than the ground state. In the quantum field theory, the ground state is usually 
called the vacuum state or the 
 If more than one ground state exists, they are said to be degenerate Many systems have 
degenerate ground states. Degeneracy occurs whenever there exists a unitary 
operator which acts 
non-trivially on a ground state and commutes with the Hamiltonian of the system.
 According to the third law of thermodynamics, a system at absolute 
zero temperature exists in its ground state; thus, its 
entropy is determined by the degeneracy 
of the ground state. Many systems, such as a perfect crystal lattice, have a unique ground state and 
therefore have zero entropy at absolute zero. It is also possible for the 
highest excited state to have absolute zero temperature for systems that exhibit negative 

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