. ..  "But, brothers, patience and hope! We know what we are working for, we
 know that the truth of God is on our side, that he has no attributes
 that can favor the existing order of fraud, oppression, carnage and
consequent wretchedness. We may be sure of the triumph of our cause.
The grass may grow over our graves before it will be accomplished; but
as certain as God reigns, will the dominion of justice and truth be
established in the order of society. Every plant which the Heavenly
Father has not planted will be plucked up, and the earth will yet
rejoice in the greenness and beauty of the garden of God."

 ~1840's Geo. Ripley

 Brook Farm

 Hence by the science, in need is more meditation. By the science in a modern 
world, need is in more people giving their lives for meditation on behalf of 
all else. For more martyrs in spirituality, for more meditation jihadis 
sacrificing their lives for the good of all and in group. By the science, come 
to meditation. The meditation is the fight against non-meditation. Join with us 
in meditation. Know this to be that which you are seeking. It is your 
birthright. Come back to meditation.
 Jai Adi Shankara,
 -in FF

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