I am well OK with his thoughts & care not 4 his opinions re: TM or most other 
topics as well in short SO WHAT! 

He can now well state here in the states as the R.C. church no longer burn or 
house arrests us 4 our opinions openly so expressed. It was I note in 1992 the  
forgave Gallao for his writings & opinions so expressed. As we-recall he was 
only under house arrest till he passed! Great hte pastor can so with out 
thoughts of censure so express, his ideas & opinions.

Really not willing to spread his, the pastors thoughts about here or any other 

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An Evangelical Pastor Robert Jeffress said recently.  He also thinks Mormonism 
is a  cult.  This is one of the reasons that Americans are confused about 
religion. Further, one wonders what he thinks about TM?


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